Best Horror Movies Of All Time

list of best horror movies
Image by Tracy Lundgren from Pixabay

Hollywood has been quite liberal into creating some of the best horror movies of all time. If you’re a fan of abrupt jump scares, creepy atmospheres, ghastly beings and possessed souls with an equally satisfying plot, then you’ve come to the right place. But, don’t blame us if you’ve to hold your pee all through the night because you’re too scared to even step out of your bed after watching these horrifyingly scary movies. 

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Now, let’s begin our list of Best Horror Movies:

The Exorcist 

The Exorcist, Photo Credit: Good Times

We absolutely cannot start our list without putting The Exorcist in the first place. William Friedkin’s 1973 genius, has been watched by generations and is still a favourite of many. It’s the story of a young girl Linda Blair who gets possessed by a dangerous evil spirit after experimenting with an ouija board found in the basement. With primaeval acts of bloody violence, terrifying mutilated faces and a hell lot of jumpscares we warn you not to watch this film alone. 


The Poltergeist

The Poltergeist, Photo Credit: IMDb

This classic horror film still manages to give us goosebumps. With scary supernatural phenomena and many unpredictable twists, you would never be able to guess what’s coming next. Steven Spielberg’s well-handled plot deals with a family in the suburbs who try their best to bring back their daughter, abducted by malicious spirits inhabiting the house. Can you imagine that real skeletons were used in this film? 


The Ring

The Ring, Photo Credit: Empire

You will never perceive videotapes the same way again after you’ve watched The Ring. The film stars Naomi Watts, who plays a journalist investigating a supposedly cursed videotape that kills its viewers after seven days. A perfect storyline combined with a few graphic imageries makes it an engaging and creepy watch. Don’t miss the film’s sequels as well. 



Insidious, Photo Credit: Netflix

It’s dark, scary and the ending is quite disturbing for the viewers, leaving them in a state of utter shock. The plot revolves around a boy who after having a frightening encounter, enters into a coma, reaching the astral plane, thereby becoming a vessel for vicious demons to take over his body. It’s definitely worth a watch. 



Hereditary. Photo Credit: movietickets

Hereditary is a movie, so haunting and gruesome that it will keep you up all night. The scene where Charlie’s head is decapitated, leaving her headless body in the car is so intense that the scene itself will linger in your mind for a long time. And it’s just one of the many unsettling scenes that make the film a dark watch. 



Sinister, Photo Credit: memphish flyer

A ruthless and unnerving film, Sinister never really stops spooking you even after the end credits have rolled out. Based on a crime writer, Ellison Oswalt who finds a box of home movies in the attic that depicts a series of disturbing suicides and murders of the previous family that resided in the house. Terrifying events that seem benign at first gradually take a more sinister turn making even your nightmares come true. 


The Conjuring 

The Conjuring, Photo Credit: warnerbros

The fact that The Conjuring is based on actual events makes the film even more spine chilling. Real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren decide to aid the Perron family who is repeatedly being haunted by some paranormal presence in their farmhouse. With disturbing incidents happening all over the house, it’s up to Ed and Lorraine to free the family from evil. A friendly reminder: Keep your lights on while watching it. 


Evil Dead 

Evil Dead, Photo Credit: cinemablend

This 2013 adaptation of the original film succeeded in creeping us out. The plot revolves around five friends who decide to move into a cabin situated deep inside the woods where ominous activities start taking place. The gut-wrenching, horrific blood-curdling scenes are so perturbing that I bet you’ll probably have to watch the whole movie with your eyes half-open. We dare you.


The Witch

The Witch, Photo Credit: The Playlist

Set in 17th century England, a Puritan family banished from their colony settled in the eerie woods with just a small plot of framing land to survive. What follows is a dark tale of familial discord with a strange and supernatural force lurking inside the woods ready to prey. As the movie delves deeper, a hollow and creepy feeling will begin to crawl against your skin, taking you to the goriness of the situation. Although a little explicit, it’s a must-watch. 



It, Photo Credit: Indian Express

Stephen King’s novel, It got a film adaptation by the same name, and we’re not disappointed. It has got the right amount of chills, scares and screams one can ever ask for. The story deals with not only shape-shifting demons but also one’s personal monsters that eat us away slowly. When a demonic clown terrorizes seven children, Pennywise they decide to kill the being. The grotesque horror sequences mixed with an equally brilliant plot, succeeds in horrifying us. 




So, ready to go on a horror marathon and punish yourself with terrifying scares? Then watch these ten petrifying films that will render you with many sleepless nights. Brace yourself!