Ethics & Fact-Checking Policy Of MEWS

We, at MEWS, are always committed to upholding the greatest standards possible in this new era of media & information. Here are a few guidelines that our writers and editors adhere to while curating and distributing information and ideas.

While curating content every story is verified. Our writers are always advised to look for multiple authentic & credible sources to create a story. They create headlines and content after confirming that there are no biases.

Our fact verification process does not end once the content is published, rather we keep updating our content as per the current information available. Depending upon the updates available we make corrections on the published content.

We also take care of the following points in our content pieces we publish:

– That our content is not vulgar, obscene, or violative of other’s rights
– That our content does not promote any feelings of hatred or violence in any form. We also take care that our content is not discriminatory on the basis of caste, creed, religion, race, ethnicity, or gender
– Our content is never intended to disrespect any individual or organization. We also do not create content that is slanderous in nature.
– In case of sensitive information we take special care not to hurt any sentiments nor provide any wrong information.

We also try to make a distinction between paid articles and advertisements. Any post that is promotional in nature, carries the name of the company and also carries a description of the content being an ‘advertisement’, ‘ad’, or ‘sponsored’.

MEWS also takes plagiarism seriously and we do not allow plagiarism on our website. We strictly abide by the rule of law & the copyright infringement policy of the country. All our writers ensure that the content they produce is original.

We ensure that all our articles go through multiple levels of checking, with additional levels added depending on the gravity and topic of the article.