5 Lesser Known Facts About Big Boss You Must Know

Untold Secrets of Big Boss
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Big Boss is undoubtedly one of the most-watched reality shows in India. Inspired by the UK show ‘Big Brother’, this show was started and since then it has received so much love. Due to its engaging content, this show always managed to gain huge TRPs.The show is hosted by none other than Salman Khan. Few deserving people with good potential are invited every year to this show. Each contestant is supposed to do their regular tasks and play their game effectively.

One can witness fights, friendships, love, giggles, and heartbreaks all at once. And eventually the most deserving and the one with the most votes becomes the winner. Apart from all this, there are still some things that fascinate a lot to everyone. But what? What’s actually inside Big Boss’s house? How do all contestants live? What do they do? And much more.

From some interesting facts about Big Boss house to what everyone does inside, get to know all in one read. In this article, we have highlighted a few lesser-known facts about the big bosses.

1. Bigg Boss house is more of a jungle

Bigg Boss House
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Big Boss house is more of a jungle? Yes, you rightly heard. That eye-catching and tastefully designed Big Boss house that appears on screen is close to Lonavala Hill Station. This house is in a secluded area amidst dense forest. But it has all the necessary facilities for the people. As contestants stay here for a couple of months, hence it is assured that they have access to all basic facilities. But as it is a jungle so many poisonous insects are found in the house. Many times snakes and scorpions were also seen by someone.

2. Even The Mirrors Have Cameras

Bigg Boss House Inner View
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Have you ever wondered? Why are so many mirrors in the house? Wasn’t one or two enough? Well, each mirror has a hidden camera behind it. Yes. Some cameramen are continuously behind the mirrors to capture every activity that happens inside the house, even at night. Shocking? but yes, This is the truth.

3. Payment To The Contestants

Big Boss 17 Contestants
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Every single individual who comes to this show comes with the dream to win. But what about the rest who couldn’t win? Well, even if they don’t win, they get paid. Yes, every contestant gets paid accordingly. According to the reports, each contestant gets paid 10 lakhs per week on average. In Big Boss 17, the highest-paid participants are Ankita Lokhande and Aishwarya Sharma. They get 12 lakhs per week. This amount is enough for them even if they don’t win.

4. Huge Fine if one quits in midway

Big Boss Amazing House
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As per the rules of Big Boss, every participant needs to sign a contract. In the contract, it is mentioned that once anyone is in then there is no going back. One can only leave the house when eliminated. Before this. if someone wishes to quit the show then they need to pay a huge fine. The estimated fine that one needs to pay is around  2 crores.

5. The Real Bigg Boss

The voice of Big Boss: Atul Kapoor
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Well, we all might have seen and heard the voice of Big Boss. An unknown voice that speaks with every contestant in the house. That one call, that one voice for which everyone in the house desperately awaits. But the suspense is who is the one behind this voice? Whose voice is this? Who is the real Big Boss? The answer is Atul Kapoor. He is the famous voice-over artist. He provides a distinctive and dramatic voice-over for the show, From introducing tasks to announcing evictions everything is done by him.

So there are more such lesser-known facts about Big Boss. From BigBoss house to the life of contestants this article includes everything.