AIIMS Delhi: Sonu Sood gives aid to a boy struggling for his father heart surgery

Sonu Sood gives aid to a boy struggling for his father heart surgery

A poignant post about a man’s father battling a heart condition and the challenges faced in obtaining treatment at AIIMS Delhi has gained widespread attention on X, formerly known as Twitter. Pallav Singh, hailing from Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria. Detailed in an extensive thread the critical state of his father’s heart, functioning at only 20 percent. Necessitating surgery for survival. The post stirred emotions among netizens. Prompting numerous individuals, including actor Sonu Sood. To extend assistance, with Sonu Sood declaring, “We won’t let your father die, brother.”


Sharing his plight on X on Monday, Singh expressed, “My father will die, soon or very soon. Yes, I know what I am saying. I am writing this while standing in a queue at AIIMS Delhi.” Singh said he comes from a middle-class family. And received a hospital bill which kept him “a step away from being poor”.

Irresponsible behaviour of AIIMS Delhi

After his father experienced a heart attack on September 15, Singh transported him to the nearest health centre in Gorakhpur, away from their hometown Deoria. The diagnosis revealed blockages in three arteries, with his heart functioning at only 20 percent. In late November, Singh brought his father to Delhi, where his sister endured a 24-hour queue to secure an appointment with a cardiologist at AIIMS Delhi. Despite having undergone the required test elsewhere, they had to wait an additional week for the ECHO (echocardiogram). Following this, Singh spent another 24 hours in line to consult with a doctor.

“The doctor, a very reputed senior professor, Padma Awardee, sees my father. Says heart is very weak, prescribes medicines and asks to leave and come later. Yes, later, and no date!” he further wrote.

Over time, they came to realise the gravity of the illness, understanding that urgent surgery was imperative. Singh questioned why the doctor didn’t direct his father to a surgeon. After exploring multiple private hospitals for 45 days, Singh grasped that opting for surgery at a private facility would necessitate selling “everything they have, including their house.”

Doctor was absent

Consequently, he revisited AIIMS and queued up for another appointment with the doctor. The doctor’s absence on leave caused them to wait for 15 days before being referred for surgery. Navigating from one counter to another in CN Tower at AIIMS, he eventually secured an appointment with the surgeon on the same day. Reflecting on the ordeal, he conveyed, “Got the appointment at 2 PM, but the doctor arrived at 6 PM. Waiting for 4 hours with a seriously ill heart patient on an iron chair in winter!”

The doctor instructed them to leave the documents and return the next day for a case review. After waiting for five hours upon their arrival the following day, which was Friday, they were informed that the doctor wouldn’t be available, and they were asked to return on Monday.

Contemplating the situation, Singh expressed, “What next? Waiting here and Monday it is. No idea if he’ll be here. Honestly speaking, I have no complaints with him. Saddened to see what a mess is the situation once you get medically ill.”

He continued, “I even know what will happen next. He will ask to get some tests done, and then be back for evaluation. Then I’ll run from one counter to another for at least dozens of them to get appointment for the tests. Appointment date will be of a month later,” he added.

Same attitude of AIIMS Delhi towards his mother also

Singh conveyed that if the doctor deems the results satisfactory after undergoing various tests for a month, the doctor will provide a surgery date, which is expected to be “beyond a year for sure.”

He expressed the dire circumstances, stating that his father, a diabetic patient on insulin, aged 52 with a heart function at 20%, would have to wait for at least 13 months to get his surgery done. Yes 13 months. And not in free, but by paying at least a lakh rupees.” Singh mentioned the slim likelihood of his father surviving for this extended period in such a critical condition. He also highlighted their limited income, primarily relying on his job.

Furthermore, Singh disclosed that his mother is a “terminally ill patient, a subject of research in the same AIIMS for two years now,” due to a neurological disorder. In a family of four, two members are already ailing, leaving uncertainty about their well-being each morning. He lamented the inability to opt for a private hospital due to financial constraints and the associated risks.

Sonu Sood noble gesture

Reposting Singh’s tweet, Sonu Sood stated, “We won’t let your father die, brother. Message me your number directly on my personal Twitter ID inbox. Kindly refrain from sharing it in a tweet.”

Other people reactions

“Please come to Mumbai, we will do the surgery in Sion hospital as early as possible (within 3-4 days),” Dr Prashant Mishra wrote.

“This is not just his story, every middle class person has to face this, maybe after this tweet he will get help but what about the rest?? The government should focus on private and government hospitals for better treatment from health and economic point of view,” another person wrote.

AIIMS Delhi responded

The X account of AIIMS, New Delhi (@aiims_newdelhi) reacted to the post. “AIIMS New Delhi has come to know about the patient who had registered in the Cardiology opd had some issues while waiting for evaluation. We called the patient/son @pallavserene on the phone number obtained from hospital records. We came to know that the patient is now in his village in Deoria, UP and is comfortable at home. He will be coming to AIIMS for further treatment whenever his father feels discomfort and currently doesn’t need any help. We have offered technical support. Immediately after the tweet, we gave them our helpline number on direct message on Twitter (X),” the account said.

Singh expressed gratitude to AIIMS Delhi

Singh conveyed deep appreciation, stating that he was “deeply touched” by the support received from the AIIMS staff, who reached out to him. He expressed gratitude for every message and call, mentioning that he is not currently prepared for media interactions but promises to share his journey with everyone when the time is deemed right.

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