List Of Famous Assamese Festivals That You Must Experience Once In Lifetime


Assam is a North-eastern state that is packed with colorful heritage and rich culture. Whether it is about the pure air of the place or people that seem to belong to another era, everything holds a special place in Assam. And when we talk about the Assamese festival, it is quite entertaining, engaging, and vibrant. People from around India come and visit Assam during their festivities to get the real vibe of the place.

The perfect fusion in the heritage of tribes and subtribes has made Assam the home of the most colorful festivals. Continue reading to know more about these vibrant festivals of Assam.

1) Bihu Festival

Bihu Festival is an Assamese festivals
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Assamese festival Bihu is one of the most important and significant festivals of Assam. This colorful and vibrant festival is celebrated with Rongali, Magh, and Kati Bihu. It is one of the Assamese festivals that marks the beginning of the new harvest season. The festival of Assam Bihu is celebrated in the month of April where people wear new clothes and prepare authentic Assamese delicacies. It is the harvest festival in Assam where people pray for a good and prosperous year ahead.

2) Ambubachi Festival

Ambubachi Festival is a festival in Assam
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Ambubachi festival is dedicated to the Goddess Kamakhya Devi. During monsoon, this festival is organized for four days every year. At this time, the Goddess goes through her menstrual cycle for the first three days where people do not take a bath or cook a meal. On the fourth day, the Goddess is cleaned with milk and water. After that, devotees are allowed to visit the temple and worship the Goddess. This unique festival is quite popular all over India and people from all the corners visit this place to witness this grand festival.

3) Majuli Festival

Majuli Festival is the festival of Assam
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Majuli is considered to be one of the most beautiful festivals of Assam. Majuli is an island that rests in the arms of the vivacious river. It is said that this island is shaped by the mighty Brahmaputra. That is why this festival is celebrated on the bank of River Luit where various fun activities take place. From authentic clothing and wooden showpieces to food and handicrafts, the Majuli festival presents the traditional grandeur of Assam. From different parts of the country, people this place to witness its festivities.

4) Dehing Patkai Festival

Dehing Patkai Festival is the festival of Assam
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Dehing Patkai festival is one of the festivals that is organized by the government itself. In the district of Tinsukia, this festival is held during the month of January. This festival showcases a wide range of fun activities such as kayaking, parasailing, and angling. That is how it adds charm to the already mesmerizing beauty of Assam. Besides the fun activities, it also sends a strong message to save the species of elephants. With this festival, the government of Assam tries to create awareness about the crucial issues.

5) Tea Festival

Tea Festival is the harvest festival in Assam
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We all are aware that Assam is quite famous for its tea cultivation. Not just that, it exports tea all over the world as well. That is why the tea festival is considered one of the most important festivals of Assam. It includes both paperwork and stage performances by the Assamese people. At first, improving the current industry is done, and after that, women dance and entertain with their traditional Assamese dances in white sarees with red borders. It is one of the most colorful and vibrant festivals of Assam.

6) Ras Lila In Majuli

Ras Lila In Majuli is the festival in Assam
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As the name suggests, Ras Lila in Majuli is the festival that is dedicated to Lord Krishna. On this colorful and vibrant occasion, the people of Majuli perform dances and dramas to glorify the deeds of Lord Krishna. The special part of this festival is that the Vaishnav Monks of the Sattras perform dramas dressed in colorful attire. This five days celebration showcases delightful delicacies, traditional dances, and various fun activities. It brings to light the rich culture and heritage of the people of Majuli.

7) Karam Puja

Karam Puja is an Assamese festival
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Since Assam is agricultural land, Karam Puja is celebrated as the means of livelihood. It is a festival of Assam that is celebrated on a full moon in the month of August. While celebrating Karam Puja, it is believed that the Lord will bring bountiful crops to the peasant’s fields and will ward off evil from peasant families. Through this Puja, people pay respects to the soil where grow crops. That is why it is considered the most important festival in Assam.

8) Baishagu Festival

Baishagu Festival is the festival of Assam just like Bihu
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Baishagu festival showcases the tradition of an extinct tribe, the Boho tribe. Just like the Assamese festival Bihu, this festival also shows the traditional and authentic dance of Bihu. This dance is performed by women in front of a huge audience while wearing a colorful and vibrant saree. Baishagu festival is celebrated in the month of April, the Bengali New Year. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important and colorful festivals of Assam.

9) Jonbeel Mela

Jonbeel Mela is a festival of Assam
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Jonbeel Mela is a festival of Assam that showcases a very fine long-lost tradition of the old world. Monarchs of the Ahom dynasty celebrated this event 5 centuries ago as an event for discussing the politics and matters at hand. Besides that, it is also celebrated to showcase Barter System where goods are exchanged for goods. This festival in Assam brings all the people together to celebrate this festival irrespective of their caste, sex, creed, and color. Since it gives a feel of a carnival, people from all around India visit this place to celebrate this unique and entertaining festival.