List Of The Famous Punjabi Festivals That You Should Never Miss

Festivals in Punjab

Punjab is known as the “The Land of Five Rivers” and is considered one of the most fertile regions of the Indian subcontinent. From Punjabi fashion to Punjabi festivals, we all have got a glimpse of Punjab through Bollywood movies. However, if you want to get the real vibe of the place, then there is no other way than to visit the place, especially at festivals. Well, it might be possible that you are confused about which festival you should visit Punjab.

So, to make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of some famous festivals of Punjab that you should never miss if you want to know about real Punjab.

1) Lohri

Lohri is one of the Punjabi festivals
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Lohri is a harvest festival of Punjab that is celebrated on the coldest winter night. To celebrate this festival, the sacred fire of Lohri is lit and people enjoy the loud and exuberant folk music and dance around it. This festival embarks that the days start becoming warmer as people invoke the Sun god for warmth. During this occasion, traditional Punjabi food is prepared such as Makki di roti, Sarson da saag, til rice, and many more things.

Time: January
Duration: 1-day
Highlights: Bonfire, Folk songs, and Dance

2) Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami is one of the festivals in Punjab
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Basant Panchami is one of the Punjabi festivals that is celebrated all around the country. However, in Punjab, this festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm that making it more special. On this day, goddess Saraswathi is worshipped. Besides that, it also marks the onset of spring in India. According to the Punjabi people, it is a bright day to start anything new.

Time: February
Duration: 1-day
Highlights: People in bright yellow clothes, flying kites

3) Baisakhi

Baisakhi is one of the festivals of Punjab
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Baisakhi is yet another harvest festival of Punjab that celebrates the harvesting of the first crop. Through the winter, farmers put a lot of effort into growing crops. This festival celebrates their efforts, and people all around the state enjoy the fruits of the labor they put in. Apart from that, it is also the first day of the Sikh new year.

Time: April
Duration: 1-day
Highlights: Bhangra, Traditional clothes, fair

4) Maghi

Maghi Mela is one of Punjab festivals
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Maghi is one of the Punjab festivals where a fair (mela) is put together in the memory of forty Sikh martyrs. Every year, this festival is celebrated at Muktsar Sahib. Earlier, this festival was mentioned and observed by Guru Amar Das, the third Guru of Sikhism. However, later, the tradition to commemorate the Sikh martyrs has started who gave their lives to protect the tenth guru. To celebrate this festival, people eat kheer prepared in sugarcane juice.

Time: January
Duration: 1-day
Highlights: Kheer prepared in sugarcane juice

5) Teeyan

Teeyan Punjabi festival
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Teeyan is one of the famous festivals in Punjab that is celebrated to welcome the arrival of the monsoon. Apart from that, it is also a women’s dance festival that is celebrated throughout the state. To celebrate this festival, young women wear shiny and colorful clothes and tie swings to the trees for the Teej festival. After dancing, married women offer prayers for the long life of their spouses.

Time: July/August
Duration: 1-day
Highlights: Geedha dance, swings

6) Jor Mela

Jor mela is a festival of Punjab
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Jor Mela is one of the well-known festivals of Punjab that is also known as Shaheedi Jor Mela. It is a religious get-together that is celebrated to commemorate the martyred sons of Guru Gobind Singh. During December every year, this festival is held at the Gurudwara Fatehgarh sahib and is attended by religious followers. The recital of the holy book of Sikhs is one of the best parts of his festival.

Time: December
Duration: 3-days
Highlights: Processions on the street

7) Gurupurab

Gurupurab Punjabi festival
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Gurupurab is one of the most important festivals in Punjab as it is a matter of spirituality for the Sikhs. This festival celebrates the highly revered Sikh Guru’s birth anniversaries. The chanting of holy hymns with the religious procession marks the beginning of this festival. You can enjoy the sweet and holy langar on this auspicious occasion.

Time: November
Duration: 1-day
Highlights: Religious processions

8) Hola Mohalla

Hola Mohalla festival punjab
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Hola Mohalla is one of the well-known Punjab festivals that is celebrated in Anandpur Sahib and Kiratpur Sahib. This festival commemorates the acceptance of Khalsa Panth by Guru Govind Singh. To celebrate this festival, Gurudwaras are decorated beautifully. Apart from that, langar, path, and kirtan are also arranged. During this festival, the philosophies of life taught by the great Sikh gurus are remembered.

Time: March
Duration: 3-days
Highlights: Horse riding by Nihangs, langar, Religious programs, Cultural activities

9) Chappar Mela

Chappar Mela in Punjab
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Chappar Mela is one of the spectacular festivals of Punjab that is celebrated in the month of September. This festival is celebrated in memory of Gugga Pir. This fair (mela) is filled with fun activities, music, dance, and Punjabi delicacies. Moreover, people worship the Lord of the snake as well to celebrate this festival. Interestingly, this tradition started around 150 years ago.

Time: September
Duration: 3-days
Highlights: Fun-filled activities

10) Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth in Punjab
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Even though Karwa Chauth is a prominent festival for all North Indians, it holds a special among Punjabis. To celebrate this festival, married and engaged women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the long life and health of their partners. It is celebrated in the month of Kartik and showcases the beautiful bond between married couples.

Time: October
Duration: 1-day
Highlights: Dressing up of women like their wedding day