Illegal To Keep Banned Chinese Apps In Your Phone?

NEWS SOCIAL Illegal To Keep Banned Chinese Apps In Your Phone?

On 29-06-2020, Indian Government declared that 59 Chinese Apps would be banned from India citing the betterment of the Country. The 59 Apps include popular Apps like TikTok, UC Browser and more. The Complete List of Banned Chinese Apps is provided at the end of the article.

The Nation is happy with the decision and welcomed it with open hearts, except for a few TikTokers who lost their huge Fan base on the App. Though a massive loss for them, many are in support of the decision because the Country comes first. As the decision to ban the Apps came amid the rising tensions with China on the Ladakh border.

What Happens After The Apps Are Banned?

All the 59 Apps will be delisted or removed from the Android Play Store and Apple Store as the Government has already sent them a formal order to do so.

Apple notified Indiatoday by saying: “Once the government order comes in, the apps will be removed from India App Store because it is required by the law.”

As per the current situation, Apple Store and Google Play Store has already removed TikTok and already working on the process to remove the other 58 Apps as well.

The Internet has already started expressing their views and expressions, here is just an example:

reaction of tiktok users after tiktok removed from play store
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So no one will be allowed to download the Apps online. But if you already have the App in your Phone, then what? Will the App work? And How?

If You Already Have The Apps, Will They Work?

The banned Chinese Apps were too popular in India, and many people already have it installed in their Phones. Even after the Government announced the ban, the Apps are working creating confusion with everyone.

As per a statement released by The IT Ministry:
“The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, Ministry of Home Affairs has also sent an exhaustive recommendation for blocking of these malicious apps… the government of India has decided to disallow the usage of (these) apps.”

So considering the statement released, we can consider that the Indian Government will also block the Apps at the Server level. Which means the Government will issue notices to Mobile and wired Internet Connection providers like Jio, Airtel to block the Apps from their network. This will ensure that even if you have the App installed on your phone, it won’t work.

However, a user can use a VPN to bypass the ban and use the App. But, it won’t be fruitful because the significant portion of the audience from India will not be available on the platform to consume or create content on the App, killing the purpose and interest for the App as well.

Is It Illegal To Keep The Chinese Apps After The Ban?

Currently, the Government has not released any statement regarding the possession of the Apps. It is not yet considered illegal to keep the Apps installed on your phone. So for now, existing users can keep the Apps installed, but it may be at their own risk. Give a look at the Government Statement below regarding TikTok, and take an appropriate decision.

government statement on tiktok ban, says 130mn data stolen
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Allegedly, TikTok stole 130Mn User Data and shared it with the Chinese Government

The Apps are banned, keeping in mind the safety and integrity of India and Indians. So it’s always better to go with the Government decision to stay safe and away from any negative consequence. And anyways, the apps won’t be operational, so there’s no point keeping them installed forever and allowing them the privilege to eat your valuable Phone memory and compromise your security as well.

Full List Of Chinese Apps Banned In India

4.UC Browser
5.Baidu map
7.Clash of Kings
8.DU battery saver
11.YouCam makeup
12.Mi Community
13.CM Browers
14.Virus Cleaner
15.APUS Browser
17.Club Factory
19.Beauty Plus
21.UC News
22.QQ Mail
25.QQ Music
26.QQ Newsfeed
27.Bigo Live
29.Mail Master
30.Parallel Space
31.Mi Video Call – Xiaomi
33.ES File Explorer
34.Viva Video – QU Video Inc
36.Vigo Video
37.New Video Status
38.DU Recorder
39.Vault- Hide
40.Cache Cleaner DU App studio
41.DU Cleaner
42.DU Browser
43.Hago Play With New Friends
44.Cam Scanner
45.Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
46.Wonder Camera
47.Photo Wonder
48.QQ Player
49.We Meet
50.Sweet Selfie
51.Baidu Translate
53.QQ International
54.QQ Security Center
55.QQ Launcher
56.U Video
57.V fly Status Video
58.Mobile Legends
59.DU Privacy

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