NIT Student creates furore in Srinagar By posting against Prophet


A student from NIT sparks controversy in Srinagar by posting remarks against Prophet Muhammad. This act has stirred up a heated reaction and raised tensions in the region. The incident has ignited a furore. It drew attention to the sensitive nature of the issue and the potential impact on the local atmosphere. In a region known for its sensitivity to such matters, the post raises concerns about communal harmony. Stay tuned as we look into the details of this incident and the reactions it has triggered in the community.

NIT Student creates furore in Srinagar By posting against Prophet

Commotion at NIT Srinagar

On Tuesday, hundreds of students from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar hit the streets in protest against a fellow student from Maharashtra. The protest was sparked by an alleged blasphemous social media post targeting Prophet Muhammad. Meanwhile, the demonstration calmed down following assurances from top institute officials, who pledged to take action against the accused student. Authorities have also written to the police, urging legal measures against the student who, according to police sources, had already left the campus after the controversial social media post.

NIT Student creates furore in Srinagar By posting against Prophet

“The protesting students alleged that a non-local student has posted something insulting against Prophet Muhammad on social media,” explained an institute representative. “This has hurt the sentiments of local Muslim students and they took to the streets demanding action against him. The top officials intervened and assured action against the erring student.”

IGP Birdi Confirms Legal Action

Talking to the press, Kashmir’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) V K Birdi confirmed that the institute has asked the police to take legal action against the student accused.

This protest led to the involvement of police officials as well. IGP Birdi Stated, “Today evening at around 4:30, we received information that some students are protesting at the NIT campus (in Srinagar). After initial investigation, it came to the fore that a student had posted some video on social media. It was not his own post but he had taken it from YouTube.”

NIT Student creates furore in Srinagar By posting against Prophet

Previously, there were conflicts between students from the local area and those from outside. This friction came to a head in 2016 when the campus had to close down for several days due to a confrontation sparked by an India-Pakistan cricket match. The incident highlighted underlying tensions among students from different regions, disrupting the normal functioning of the institute.

Angry Mob Enchanted Labbaik Slogan

In a concerning turn of events, following Nupur Sharma, this student from NIT Srinagar now faces a fatwa from radical Islamists over an Instagram status allegedly defaming Prophet Muhammad. The escalation occurred as someone leaked his personal details, circulated morphed photos of his sister, and the college suspended him. Authorities filed an FIR, indicating severe repercussions for the controversial social media post. This incident raises questions about the complexities surrounding religious sensitivities in public discourse.

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