9 Krishna Drawings for Kids to Draw Easily

9 Krishna Drawings For Kids To Draw Easily
Photo Credit: Pxfuel.com

Lord Krishna is the Avatara of Lord Vishnu who mastered all 16 Kalas (qualities). He is known for his infinite charm, smile, and beauty. It is rightly said about his beauty that even the most precious jewels lost their shine in front of Krishna.

Whether his stories of cute baby Krishna, young notorious Krishna, Radha Krishna, Dancing Krishna, Strong Protector Krishna, or the wise Gita Krishna- His story will be enchanted till time immemorial.

These Krishna Drawings are taken from the Internet but are easy to draw even if you are a beginner-level artist.

Here I am presenting you with some lovely, cute Krishna Drawings

1 Cute Krishna Drawing:

A very cute Krishna drawing that shows Krishna in his childhood sitting on the floor and eating his favorite sweet “Ladoo”. Kids will find it fascinating to draw as this Krishna drawing resembles naughtiness of a kid. Moreover, the drawing shows very calm and composed in a white background. Looking at the portrait instills calmness in our minds.


Little Krishna Drawing
Photo Credit: Pinterest.com


This cute Krishna drawing is one of my favorites as kids like it most.

2.Cute Krishna:  

It’s very easy to draw this Lord Krishna Drawing. You can also put some color to make it more attractive. Moreover, the feather of peacock is considered as one of favorite ornament that Krishna always wore. This drawing of Krishna emphasizes the radiant of his face which fills our heart with love.

Little Krishna Drawing
Photo Credit: Pinterest.com


This Krishna Drawing is probably the cutest on the list.

3. Lord Krishna Drawing with his Favorite Cow

Two of the favorite animals of Lord Krishna were peacock and cow. In this Lord Krishna Drawing we see he is so lovingly indulge playing with his favorite cow. This Lord Krishna drawing shows the love he had with his animals.


Little Krishna Drawing
Photo Credit: Freepik.com/fre

Pencil Krishna Drawing is effortless to draw and will instill a sense of animal love in kids.

4. Cute Krishna Drawing with Makhan:

This Krishna drawing shows his love for Makhan (Butter). The sketch of Krishna Drawing has been completed with color to show kids which color they can use. Also, he was so much in love with Makhan that often steal it and gets caught by his mother Yasodha.

9 Little Krishna Drawing
Photo Credit: Pinterest.com


This little Krishna drawing is very easy to draw for kids. Moreover, kids will enjoy drawing it.


5. Radha Krishna Drawing:

This Radha Krishna Drawing is drawn simply by pencil with great precision. Moreover, it shows the bond of love they shared. The bond of love and purity is rightly depicted in this Radha Krishna Drawing.

Little Krishna Drawing
Photo Credit: facebook.com/kidscornerstuff/

6. Little Krishna Drawing:

Lord Krishna is also known by Devkinandan. Devki was his mother and Nandan implies son of Devki. Hence the name Devkinandan. In addition to, this beautiful Krishna drawing illustrates the love between mother and son.

Little Krishna Drawing
Photo Credit: Quora.com


Above Cute Krishna Drawing is made by charcoal and resembles the love between mother and son.

7. Radhe Krishna Drawing:

This pencil Krishna drawing looks so lively and gets you instantly connected with the lord’s pure love and its sanctity. Lord Krishna love for Radha was immortal.

Little Krishna Drawing
Photo Credit: Pixels.in

One of the best Radha Krishna Drawing showing the eternal love between them. Simplicity in this Pencil Krishna Drawing is commendable.

8. Krishna Drawing With Fluet

The handmade Krishna Drawing very easy to draw and looking at it feels so tranquil that it instantly brings peace of mind. This Lord Krishna drawing shows the immense beauty he possessed.

Little Krishna Drawing

Photo Credit: pxfuel.com

Lord Krishna Drawing makes you fall in love with Krishna.

9. Lord Krishna Drawing

This Krishna drawing easy to draw and is a perfect depiction of Lord Krishna’s love for this musical instrument. Kids will love to draw this Lord Krishna Drawing in their free time. Indeed, little knowledge can be given to kids that whenever Krishna played Bansuri, everyone was inclined towards him.

Little Krishna Drawing
Photo Credit: wishesquotesmessages.in


Pencil Krishna Drawing showing animal bond with human.


Hope you enjoyed the article and loved the list of Krishna Drawings. You can show your kids and share some knowledge provided in the description. In addition to knowledge kids can try drawing it in their leisure time.

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