Check Technical Guruji Net Worth which makes him Richest Tech YouTuber

Check Technical Guruji Net Worth which makes him Richest Tech YouTuber

Even with today’s advanced technology it can be challenging for regular folks to grasp. Understanding the features of a gadget or device you buy might not always be straightforward. That’s where Gaurav Chaudhary, widely known as Technical Guruji and his YouTube channel come in handy. Technical Guruji become a reliable source for gadget reviews, tech news and informative videos. Thanks to his expertise in reviewing gadgets, sharing tech tips. And discussing the latest tech developments, he gained a massive following on his channel. This article will share details about Technical Guruji net worth. If you’re into technical knowledge just like us, be sure to follow his work.

Many of you have probably watched his YouTube videos for product reviews or other related content. Being featured in the Forbes India 30 under 30 list is not a small achievement. Indicating that this man is truly significant. Let’s delve into more details about him.

Who is Technical Guruji ??

Born on May 7, 1991, Gaurav Chaudhary, widely known as Technical Guruji is a popular Indian personality based in the UAE, renowned for his YouTube presence. As a well-known YouTuber, he consistently shares technology-related content in Hindi on his channels. Originally from Ajmer, Rajasthan, the 32-year-old content creator pursued his education at the Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilani – Dubai Campus.


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Gaurav wears multiple hats in the digital realm. Not only is he a YouTuber, but he also navigates the tech landscape as a blogger, overseeing two YouTube channels. One under his name and the other named Technical Guruji. The combined subscribers for both channels are nearly 30 million. And these channels have collectively garnered over 3 billion views.

Technical Guruji net worth in Rupees

Technical Guruji net worth is a whopping 45 million dollars or 356 crore rupees. He achieved this financial success through his two YouTube channels, a blog and his family business. Brand deals and Google Ad-Sense have played a significant role in helping him amass such enormous figures.

Aside from his online ventures, he is a certified systems security engineer for the Dubai police. And supplies security systems to them. Adding to his diverse portfolio, he recently ventured into a Graphite mining business in Southern India.

His car collection includes notable models like Rolls Royce Phantom and Audi A6. In addition, he possesses multiple properties in Dubai and holds family land in India. The house he resides in, in Dubai, alone is valued at 60 crores.

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Technical Guruji net worth in 2023

Throughout the years Technical Guruji, aka Gaurav Chaudhary has experienced a notable rise in his net worth. In 2016, his financial standing was at 20 million dollars and within just a year, it saw a significant jump to 25 million dollars in 2017. This upward trajectory continued as he reached 35 million dollars in 2018, followed by 38 million dollars in 2019. The trend continued with a net worth of 40 million dollars in 2020, 44 million dollars in 2021, and an impressive 45 million dollars in 2023.

Monthly income of Gaurav

Having nearly 30 million followers is a significant achievement, and Gaurav manages to generate income from various sources. With multiple income streams and diverse money-making channels, Technical Guruji’s monthly earnings are estimated to be no less than 1 crore and even more. These figures contribute to an annual income of over 12 crores. It’s these substantial earnings that have played a crucial role in doubling net worth of technical guruji in a span of 5 to 7 years.

Reportedly, he earns 15 lakhs from smartphone manufacturers like Apple, One Plus and others for featuring their products in videos on his YouTube channel. Often, it’s a simple unboxing video of a smartphone model from these companies that brings in these substantial amounts.

Income Sources which builds net worth of Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji estimated to earn 1 crore or more monthly, generates nearly 50% of his income from his YouTube channels. His YouTube earnings, combined with his personal channel, sum up to around 40 to 45 lakhs each month. Thanks to his massive fan base, brand collaborations and Google AdSense.

In the past 30 days, he has earned between 5.9k and 93.7k dollars, with his latest video garnering an impressive 7,94,958 views. Although his subscriber count hasn’t seen significant growth recently, it doesn’t affect a content creator with two channels boasting close to 30 million subscribers.

Net worth of Technical Guruji gradually increased since he started as a YouTuber in 2015. Hence his income reaching an estimated 100k dollars in the past 90 days. February 2023 alone is projected to bring in 9.52k dollars, surpassing his earnings from the same month in previous years, showcasing the steady rise contributing to Technical Guruji net worth.

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