Woman earns $58000 per year by selling Photos of her body’s this part

Woman earns $58000 per year by selling Photos of her body's this part

In a fascinating revelation, a woman has discovered a unique source of income, earning an impressive $58,000 annually by selling photos of a particular part of her body. The story unfolds as a testament to the evolving avenues of entrepreneurship in the digital age. Join us as we explore the intriguing journey of this enterprising woman, shedding light on the unconventional ways individuals carve out successful niches in the online marketplace, turning personal assets into a source of financial empowerment.

Woman earns $58000 per year by selling Photos of her this body's part

The plot

Chrissy removed her shoes and socks, exposing her feet to the damp ground. With her phone in hand, she angled it downward, capturing only her legs and feet, and then embarked on a sprint through the mud.

Subsequently, she recorded herself cleaning her toes, unfazed by the task. At 32, Chrissy is an erotic content creator on the website Fun With Feet. She revealed that the client, who paid $300 for the video, is a devoted “Lord of the Rings” fan. Despite finding the request peculiar, Chrissy comprehended the assignment, as the client specified that it was inspired by a scene in the movie “The Hobbit.”

Chrissy told Insider that she has been vending photos of her “elegant” size seven feet on the website for three years. Initially, she joined Fun With Feet to supplement her income, and now, according to Chrissy, she earns an average of $5,000 in monthly sales. The venture has been so profitable that, for the last six months, she has transitioned it into her full-time job.

Chrissy, who has experience as a model, asserts that engaging in the sale of erotic foot content provides her the flexibility to set her own schedule while keeping her true identity hidden. She expressed concerns that maintaining anonymity might not be as straightforward on a platform like OnlyFans. While Insider verified her identity, she requested the use of a pseudonym for this story.

Who is this Woman Chrissy?

A medical student from the USA has been augmenting her income, and she even earns more, by selling pictures of her feet online. In fact, she can make as much as $6,000 (£4,860) per month. The woman, who uses the pseudonym ‘Sweet Arches,’ reveals that she not only finances her studies with this unusual side gig but actually earns more than her job in a local operating theatre.

Woman earns $58000 per year by selling Photos of her this body's part

She acknowledges that it’s not an easy way to make a quick buck. It involves maintenance, photography skills, and handling some unconventional requests. While she has a personal interest in feet, she also mentions there are certain boundaries she won’t cross.

Woman loves Self- foot Worship!

The 28-year-old clarified, “Some people have preferences for the soles of the feet, toes, or various positions. There’s interest in watching me crush items like raspberries, grapes, or cakes with my toes. However, I draw the line at squishing ants or anything living—that’s a definite no for me! The oddest request I received was someone asking me to run them over with my car! I immediately refused, considering it would be counter-productive to my work in a hospital.”

Woman earns $58000 per year by selling Photos of her this body's part

She continued, “Some fans enjoy ‘self-foot worship,’ where I play with my feet on camera. Others request actions like sucking, kissing, or licking my toes, and some ask for me to send them worn boots or shoes. One client even asked for a pair of my boots. Although many foot fetish enthusiasts appreciate the stinky smell, it’s challenging for me to make my feet stink. Nonetheless, the client was satisfied, even though they smelled like my coconut foot mask!”

Chrissy’s foot fetish

The Portland-based online entrepreneur asserts that she can generate up to £58,000 ($71,000) annually with her peculiar side hustle. It’s more than just a side hustle since it outpaces her actual job income and aids in covering her education expenses. She expressed, “I tripled my hospital income as a surgical assistant, which is $2,000 (£1,600) before tax. It’s insane.

“Having a foot fetish myself, I started doing it for fun a year ago, just to share pictures of my cute feet. I didn’t think I could make a living from it.” It’s always uplifting to witness someone finding joy in their work.

Woman earns $58000 per year by selling Photos of her this body's part

She shared, “I have always had a foot fetish, enjoying pedicures and ensuring my feet look good. Even when I was very young, I’d always compliment people on their feet or randomly give foot massages to my friends, whereas most people think feet are weird. They would call me gross. Then, about two years ago, a friend showed me that there was a whole community of others like me online, so I dived right in. I was so happy to find like-minded people.”

She further said, “I set up my own page on Instagram in May 2019 and started posting pictures and videos every day. I had no idea what I was doing, but looked at other sites for inspiration, then a few bigger pages gave me a shout out, so my followers went up. Now I have 105,000 followers on Instagram and 25,000 on Twitter.”

$58000 with just 1000 subscribers

Moreover, she has an OnlyFans account where she conducts a significant portion of her business these days. She concluded, “I now have almost 1,000 subscribers on Only Fans, and usually get 50 to 100 messages or requests a day, so it is a lot to get through – although I have a friend who used to be a porn star, who gets more than 1,000.

Woman earns $58000 per year by selling Photos of her this body's part

“Mine are mostly to do with feet, but there are requests for other pictures. I never get fully naked. I do respond to some risqué requests, but I’m cautious. Everybody is super respectful, though. Even if they are asking me for something and I tell them I’m not willing to do it, they are still really polite. But I do get sent, shall we say, pictures of male anatomy. That is a hazard of the job!” Sadly, that’s a hazard of just being a woman on the internet, it would seem.

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