Indonesian man married both the gfs at the same time so as not to hurt any of them

Indonesian man married both the gfs at the same time so as not to hurt any of them

An Indonesian man has tied the knot with two women simultaneously, citing a desire to prevent anyone from getting hurt. The unusual marriage arrangement has sparked curiosity and discussions about cultural practices and individual choices. Join us as we explore this intriguing story, shedding light on the dynamics of polygamous relationships and the motivations behind this man’s decision to embark on a union that challenges traditional norms.

Indonesian Man Marries Two Women At Once ‘So Nobody Gets Hurt’

The Indonesian Unconventional Marriage

“I do” twice

In a viral ceremony, an Indonesian man married his two girlfriends, sparking viral attention.

Although polygamy is not uncommon in the Muslim-majority nation—given that a Muslim man can have up to four spouses according to the Quran, provided he can adequately provide for each—Indonesian law stipulates that a man can only marry more than one woman with the approval of his first wife. This explains why the groom’s decision to simultaneously wed his two girlfriends stirred controversy online.


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In Indonesia and numerous Asian nations, grooms typically present money or gifts to the bride and her family. In essence, dowries play a crucial role and are highly significant. Many hold the belief that a larger dowry signifies the groom’s enhanced ability to demonstrate his capacity for caring for his wife (or wives).

Why This man Married two Girls?

Nevertheless, this man seemingly deemed it unnecessary to contribute a substantial amount, or prove his capabilities in the conventional sense, despite the fact that he was marrying two women.

The man told local media, “My heart couldn’t stand to see them hurt. So I decided to marry them both.”

Posted online on Aug. 17, the video rapidly gained viral attention, depicting the two women flanking him. Understandably, the groom faced challenges reciting his marriage vows and reportedly needed to repeat them a second time before getting them right.

Indonesian man with two wives

In adherence to another Indonesian tradition, the newlywed groom presented a dowry of Rp10,000 ($0.70), which he shared between the two wives, handing it to the woman seated on his right.

Another Marriage with Two Brides

An Indonesian man hosting a ceremony for two brides is not a unique occurrence. In 2017, a man from Lombok, an island off Bali, married two women, presenting a dowry of 50 grams of gold for one bride and Rp500,000 (US$35.10) for the other. Similarly, in 2018, a rubber tree farmer from South Sulawesi replicated the gesture, offering a dowry of 55 grams of gold and Rp1 million (US$70.15) in cash for each bride.’

Modest dowries causing surprise are not a recent phenomenon. In June 2018, Agus Riadi, 33, proposed to his now-wife with a dowry of three eggs and Rp16,000 (US$1.12). When local media visited him at his house, Riadi mentioned that he became the subject of many jokes for remaining single for an extended period. He explained that he was patiently waiting for a “simple” woman who would appreciate his dowry.

Indonesian man

Agus said, “It’s true I married my wife for the dowry of three eggs and Rp16,000. That was my intention, and I vowed that if I couldn’t find someone who would accept that amount, I would never marry.”

However, Hari, a religious figure who, like many Indonesians, is known by a single name, opts for simplicity. He wedded his wife in 2016, presenting a dowry of a glass of water, which she promptly drank in front of him. What’s your take on this bizarre marriage. Share your thoughts on unique marriage customs and individual choices!

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