Blinkit asks ‘What’s missing from your order?, Customer reply becomes talk of the town

Blinkit asks ‘What’s missing from your order?, Customer reply becomes talk of the town

A customer’s response to Blinkit ‘s inquiry, “What’s missing from your order?” has gone viral, resonating with internet users who emphatically express, “We relate.” The humorous and relatable exchange adds a touch of levity to the sometimes challenging world of online ordering. Join us as we explore the amusing incident, shedding light on the shared experiences and frustrations that unite consumers in a collective nod of understanding in the age of digital deliveries.

Customer’s reply to Blinkit asking ‘What’s missing from your order?’ goes viral; internet says ‘We relate’

The hilarious Blinkit Story

Amid the exhilarating evening of December 31, 2023, numerous individuals actively engaged in diverse celebrations. People enthusiastically rejoiced in various ways by bidding farewell to the old year and embracing the new one. The revelries spanned from extravagant parties hosted in five-star hotels to cozy gatherings at home, featuring delectable feasts enjoyed in the company of loved ones.

Yet, amidst the rampant partying, a considerable number of individuals opted for the convenience of ordering meals online. Predictably, this surge in online orders led to an uptick in delivery requests. Blinkit, a grocery delivery app, encountered a similar scenario. While the majority of delivery requests were routine, one particular order left Blinkit perplexed.

Customer’s reply to Blinkit

One of these incidents involving a consumer who placed an order using the Blinkit app resulted in a peculiar and amusing story. The consumer had no anticipation of the transaction turning out to be so eccentric. Blinkit, acknowledged for its efficient delivery service, found itself in a comical situation that it felt compelled to share with its audience.

As midnight struck and orders started pouring in, one individual’s interaction with Blinkit became a source of laughter and amusement. The particulars of this distinctive encounter, revealed by Blinkit themselves, infused a humorous element into the customary surge for food delivery around New Year’s.

What’s The Story?

The saga initiated when a customer raised a complaint about a missing item from the chips and beverages purchased for the New Year’s celebration. Taking charge of the situation, customer service professional Akash proactively delved into resolving the issue. To gather more information, Akash inquired, “Could you please specify what is absent from your order?”

Responding with humor, the customer amusingly stated, “I’m missing friends to party with,” accompanied by crying face emojis. Additionally, the customer inquired whether the delivery rider could extend their stay.

On platform X, Blinkit shared the screenshot of the post and wrote:


2.62 lakh People Enjoyed this Post

Posted on December 31, the tweet garnered over 2.62 lakh views and attracted numerous comments. Responses varied, with some individuals finding the scenario amusing, while others expressed a sense of relatability.

Blinkit CEO reacted to this story

Numerous retweets and comments flooded the post, grabbing the attention of even CEO Albinder Dhindsa. Quoting Blinkit’s post, he playfully commented, “Please cease this activity, guys,” accompanied by laughter emojis.

Meanwhile, on December 31, several grocery and food delivery services experienced their highest-ever single-day orders. Zepto, Blinkit, and Swiggy Instamart all reported data on the surge in orders. By 5:15 p.m. on December 31, Blinkit’s CEO, Albinder Dhindsa, declared that the company had exceeded all 2022 New Year’s Eve orders. Orders per minute and orders per day also peaked on the platform. Dhindsa noted that Lucknow placed the most significant party order on the website.

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