CEO ‘s Response To Employee’s “Late-Night Party Leave” Request Goes Viral. See Post

ceo night party leave

An employee’s request for a ‘late night party leave’ from the CEO has become the talk of the town, sparking a flurry of chatter. The CEO‘s response, laden with humor and warmth, adds a refreshing perspective to the corporate culture. Join us as we explore this amusing interaction, shedding light on the evolving dynamics between employees and executives, and how a touch of levity can create a positive and engaging workplace environment.

CEO Ankit

CEO received this Bizarre request

The hearts of many were won, and a debate on leave policy and work culture in companies was sparked by a viral conversation between a CEO and one of his employees. Ankit Aggarwal, the founder and CEO of Unstop, shared a screenshot of the interaction on his LinkedIn.

In their brief conversation, the employee sent an early morning text to Aggarwal, seeking approval for a ‘late night party leave’. The employee also expressed apologies and indicated intentions to reconnect with the team later.


Sharing the snapshot, Aggarwal underscored the significance of fostering an open culture within the company in the post’s caption. He highlighted that when colleagues are at ease being open and honest with one another, it establishes a foundation of trust, fostering improved communication, collaboration, and overall success. He said,

“When colleagues feel comfortable being open and honest with each other, it builds a foundation of trust that can lead to better communication, collaboration, and overall success.”

A few days ago, this post surfaced on social media. Since its publication, it has garnered close to 500 likes and elicited numerous responses. Many individuals actively visited the comments section to express their reactions.

Users are going Crazy over this story

A user commented, “Ankit Aggarwal, I sent a text like this to my boss during a New Year party in 2020, but his response was quite the opposite of yours. Hence, I urge everyone to send such messages based on your boss’ behavior; don’t send the right thing to the wrong people.” Another user said,

“This is what I needed to read today. In my past work experience, there were instances where my team and I were honest and gave our manager the true reasons why we needed leave – it could be a weekend getaway, to attend weddings, or just ‘we’re mentally exhausted, we need a day off to do nothing’. We weren’t permitted to take a day off until someone from our family was either hospitalized or dead!”

Moreover, someone commented, “That’s how high-performing teams and a great culture is created.” Another user stated, “Ankit! Openness and trust are the cornerstones of a strong team culture. It’s these moments of lightheartedness that strengthen our bonds and make our work environment more enjoyable.”

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