Finally Disha Patani ’s Father Reacted On Her Bold Pics On Instagram.

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In a candid revelation, Disha Patani ‘s father has offered his perspective on his daughter’s bold pictures shared on Instagram. The actor, known for her stunning and sometimes daring posts, has sparked curiosity about her family’s reactions. Disha’s father’s response adds a personal touch to the public fascination with celebrity lifestyles. Join us as we explore the warmth and understanding embedded in his reaction, shedding light on the dynamics between a public figure and their family in the age of social media.

Disha Patani ‘s Instagram 

Disha Patani, amassing over 21 million Instagram followers in a brief span, disclosed in a Times of India interview that she actively shares her photo shoot images with her remarkably supportive parents. Despite their openness, Disha admitted that the pictures do induce a sense of awkwardness in her father.

Hailing from a modest background in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Disha Patani belongs to an ordinary family. Given her roots, it’s understandable that certain bold and glamorous photos may pose a challenge for her family. During a recent interview with Bombay Times, she was queried about her parents’ perspective on these striking images, shedding light on their thoughts regarding her bold portrayal.

Disha Patani said, “I think they are cool with it. My parents have been extremely supportive of me. I’ve always shared the pictures I shoot with my family because I want to keep them in the know. My mother is on Instagram now, with a different name. She stalks me, so I don’t send the pictures anymore (smiles!).”

Awkward is the Word for It!

“I know my parents are watching me. They know it’s work, and I am not doing anything wrong. I am sure they are proud of me. Of course, my father feels awkward whenever I send my pictures on the family [WhatsApp] group. After all, he is a father,” added Patani.

Discussing her mother’s online presence, Disha shared, “My mother is on Instagram now but with a different name. She stalks me, so I don’t send the pictures anymore.” Disha’s captivating photos consistently grab headlines, whether capturing her seaside getaways or showcasing her rigorous kickboxing workout routines.

Disha Patani ‘s Work Front

In her upcoming project, Disha Patani is set to feature in the film “Bharat,” scheduled for release on June 5. Starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in pivotal roles, the Ali Abbas Zafar-directed film casts Disha as Salman Khan’s initial love interest, portraying the character of a trapeze artist. “Bharat” serves as an adaptation of the Korean film “Ode To My Father” and is poised to grace the screens on June 5, coinciding with the Eid festival this year. Notably, the film marks Salman Khan’s return to the cinematic stage following last year’s “Race 3.”

Finally Disha Patani ’s Father Reacted On Her Bold Pics On Instagram.

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