Here is why Poster with ‘Sunny Deol is Missing’ goes viral in Gurdaspur

Here is why Poster with 'Sunny Deol is Missing' goes viral in Gurdaspur

In the heart of Gurdaspur, a peculiar phenomenon has taken the town by storm as a poster declaring ‘Sunny Deol is Missing’ catapults into viral sensation. The enigmatic disappearance of the Bollywood icon has stirred a mix of bewilderment and amusement among locals. In a town accustomed to routine, this unexpected twist has sparked a flurry of discussions and speculations. As the community grapples with the mystery, the viral poster becomes a focal point, embodying the intersection of curiosity and humor. This article delves into the intriguing narrative surrounding Sunny Deol’s absence and the unexpected resonance it has found in Gurdaspur.

Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol’s successful project

Sunny Deol’s cinematic venture, Gadar 2, has left an indelible mark on Indian cinema, claiming a spot among the top 10 highest-grossing Indian films. The actor’s triumph in the film industry has elicited delight from both cinema enthusiasts and proprietors. Despite this cinematic success, as the elected Member of Parliament for Gurdaspur, Sunny Deol encounters disapproval from residents who express discontent over his perceived unavailability to address their issues. The stark contrast between his cinematic accomplishments and local criticism underscores the complexity of Deol’s dual role in both the film industry and public service.

Sunny Deol Missing

Sunny Deol, BJP MP and Bollywood actor, finds himself at the center of a peculiar situation in Pathankot, Punjab. “Missing” posters, titled ‘gumshuda ki talash (search for missing),’ have surfaced across the city, adorning walls, railway stations, and vehicles. Those responsible for the posters assert that, since winning the 2019 General elections on a BJP ticket, Deol has yet to visit Gurdaspur, his constituency. The city now buzzes with speculation and curiosity surrounding the absentee MP, as the enigmatic narrative unfolds through these attention-grabbing posters.

Expressing their frustration, irate residents insisted that if Sunny Deol is unwilling to fulfill his responsibilities, he ought to tender his resignation. A vocal local, quoted by news agency ANI, conveyed that since assuming the role of MP, Deol has not set foot in Gurdaspur. Despite identifying as the son of Punjab, he has failed to usher in industrial development, allocate MP funds, or implement any central government schemes in the region. The protester’s words underscore a palpable dissatisfaction among locals, urging the parliamentarian to address their concerns or step down from his position.

Sunny Deol

Acc to ANI, “After becoming the MP, he never visited Gurdaspur. He calls himself the son of Punjab, but he hasn’t brought any industrial development, has not allocated MP funds or brought any central government scheme here,” said a local.

“If he doesn’t want to work, he should tender his resignation,” he added.

Another person stated, “We will give a reward of ₹50,000 to whoever finds MP Sunny Deol or arranges a meeting for us.”

A Controversial Journey of Deol in Gurdaspur

Since Sunny Deol’s election as an MP from the constituency, rival political parties have consistently criticized him. The actor-turned-politician last visited the Gurdaspur-Pathankot segment in September 2020, engaging with senior officials to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and other matters, along with meeting selected individuals from the general public.

Notably, this visit occurred six months after his previous one. However, during this period, he refrained from direct interactions with the public, given the mounting resentment among farmers against the now-repealed three farm laws.

Additionally, despite being in high demand for campaign activities due to his celebrity status, Deol did not partake in campaigning for BJP candidates and allies during the recent Punjab assembly elections. The BJP managed to secure only one seat, Pathankot, in the entire Majha region, with BJP state president Ashwani Sharma elected as MLA from this constituency.

Sunny Deol Faces Social Media Criticism

Although Sunny Deol is commonly praised for his calm demeanor, he has recently encountered criticism on social media. Undeterred by the controversy, Sunny Deol remains dedicated to his work. The film industry eagerly awaits his next project, Lahore 1947, produced by Aamir Khan Productions and directed by Raj Kumar Santoshi, signaling his unwavering commitment to his craft.


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