Orry opens up about Why he showed m!ddle finger to Palak Tiwari

Orry opens up about Why he showed m!ddle finger to Palak Tiwari

Amidst the ongoing controversy, Orry has stepped forward, breaking his silence regarding the incident involving him showing Palak Tiwari the middle finger. In a candid revelation, Orry challenges the prevailing one-sided narrative and questions the apparent oversight in scrutinising Tiwari’s actions. Highlighting the need for a more nuanced understanding, Orry urges the public to consider both perspectives. This bold statement injecting a fresh perspective into the discourse surrounding the contentious gesture will leave you in awe. Let’s unravel what Orry has to say this time.


Orry urf Orhan Awatramani

Orhan Awatramani, often referred to as Orry, remains an enigmatic figure ubiquitous on our social media feeds. His notable presence at major Bollywood gatherings and his close association with the children of various stars have made him a constant subject of discussion and intrigue.

Orry, aka Orhan Awatramani, known for attending elite gatherings and posing with A-list celebrities, entangles himself in a new controversy.

For those unaware, Orhan Awatramani stirred controversy by sharing a WhatsApp chat screenshot with Palak Tiwari, Shweta Tiwari’s daughter. The exchange, where the “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan” actress apologized, took a contentious turn as Awatramani responded by displaying a middle finger. Notably, the conversation also included references to Sara Ali Khan. It’s worth noting that Palak is speculated to be romantically involved with Ibrahim Ali Khan, Sara Ali Khan’s brother.

Why did Orry showed middle finger?

Curiosity looms over the public fallout between the two, prompting discussions online. Despite Orry deleting the chat, it remains a subject of debate. Many users criticize him, labelling him an “entitled rich kid” accused of currying favor with star kids from famous families “boot lick all star kids with really famous parents but wouldn’t think twice to disrespect or act like total shit to someone who is not as famous or doesn’t have that famous parents”. Simultaneously, he faces allegations of disrespect and inappropriate behavior towards individuals without the same level of fame or renowned parentage.

To a reddit user, he replied, “Why is no one asking what is she apologizing for? Think about it. Are you grilling me for not happily accepting her apology? But she is obviously apologizing for something she did that was wrong… wrong enough that a third party had to get involved and make her see it correctly.”


Facts check for Palak Tiwari

He further added, “Do you think 1) she would apologise 2) I would story it like that 3) others would tell her to apologise. If she was not very very very wrong in some action and crossed a line? I have friends in all departments.. pls check my friend list it goes beyond the young generation actors.. and I have never ever behaved like this because I have never heard such nonsense from someone before.”

This follows Orry’s accusation of Shruti Haasan exhibiting unwarranted rudeness by displaying what he perceived as an “unnecessary attitude.”

In her response to the situation, the actress conveyed to Etimes, “I don’t know who that (he) is. I am busy doing my work and living my life. My focus has always been on people who bring good energy into my life and around me. I have always said this, and I stand by it – I am like a mirror, I treat people exactly the way I am treated, and I am never sorry for it.”


As the controversy unfolds, Orry’s outspoken response challenges the prevailing narrative, urging a more nuanced perspective. The public debate on his gesture toward Palak Tiwari continues, prompting Orry to emphasize the need to question the context of Tiwari’s apology. With a fresh perspective on the table, this candid revelation sparks intrigue, leaving us curious about the complexities underlying celebrity interactions. Stay tuned for more insights into this unfolding saga, where public perception and celebrity actions intersect.

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