Sunny Deol gives first reaction after ending 16 Years old fight with SRK

Sunny Deol gives first reaction after ending 16 Years old fight with SRK

In a long-awaited resolution, Sunny Deol has broken his silence and shared his first reaction after putting an end to a 16-year-old feud with Shah Rukh Khan (SRK). The friendly response from Deol marks a significant development in the Bollywood industry, sparking curiosity about the circumstances that led to the reconciliation. Join us as we explore the actor’s candid reaction, shedding light on the newfound camaraderie, bringing closure to a longstanding chapter in Indian cinema.

Sunny Deol gives first reaction after ending 16 Years old fight with SRK

The 1993 Darr..

The tension between Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan emerged during the 1993 film Darr. Sunny expressed dissatisfaction with the depiction of his protagonist character, feeling overshadowed by the glorification of SRK’s antagonist role. He conveyed his concerns to the film’s director, Yash Chopra, but the portrayal of his character remained unchanged. In frustration, Sunny even tore his own pants during one of these discussions with Yash Chopra. Following the film’s release, the actor refrained from communicating with SRK for 16 years. However, the two eventually reconciled during the success celebration of Gadar 2.


Sunny Deol ‘s Viral Image with Shah Rukh Khan

Speaking about the viral image capturing his embrace with Shah Rukh and how they’ve overcome their past differences, Sunny Deol stated to Hindustan Times, “Everybody has moved ahead in life. and mentally happy, secure with what they have. When they were younger, they weren’t like that. Now everybody is happy and satisfied. Everyone of us knows what wrong or right we did. Time is a healer. It’s best to leave it there. I was so happy that everyone turned up at my party.”

In the midst of the conversation, Sunny Deol, who typically steers clear of social gatherings, commended the numerous stars who graced the success celebration of Gadar 2. Recalling a moment with Salman Khan, Sunny shared, “I remember whispering into Salman’s (Khan) ear, Tu merko bulata tha apni parties mein, main nahi aata tha, saale tu mere yahaan aa hi gaya”

Sunny Deol SRK

“He used to invite me to all his parties. Everyone knows I am not a party person. There was a lot of warmth. Us Deols are blessed. It started with my dad, we followed his way. One never wants to harm anybody, we never do that. I rather say sorry if I have done anything. That’s the kind of person I am. I have no fear of anybody, nobody can take anything away from me. We have always been givers. That’s the way our journey has been. We all are shy..,” he further added.

Gadar 2 Success Party

Sunny and Shah Rukh were captured posing together and sharing an embrace at the “Gadar 2” success bash in September.

“I’m so thankful to him (Shah Rukh). I remember speaking to him and he was in Dubai for the promotions (of ‘Jawan’). I thought he wouldn’t come but he came straight from there. He was there for a little while. I didn’t get a chance to meet or speak to him after that (party) but whenever I do it would be beautiful. We as actors, have certain things (that happen) over a period of time. When we are younger we are a bit different and as time goes by we start maturing and we start understanding what life is in reality. All of us have changed quite a lot. That’s the beautiful thing about it. Time is a healer of everything.”

Gadar 2 success party

Regarding Salman, Sunny mentioned that he recently met his “Jeet” co-star, who also shares a close bond with his brother Bobby Deol and father Dharmendra.

“We spent nearly two-three hours in Goa. We were laughing and joking about just in general, we were happy with how things are. We also spoke about doing something together. He (Salman) was very happy. I remember he had called me once and how emotional he was and he said how much he loves me. That’s the kind of connection we have,” he added.

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