Malaika Arora sparks breakup rumor with Arjun after Arbaaz’s second marriage


Malaika Arora has stirred up speculation about a potential breakup with Arjun Kapoor amidst Arbaaz Khan’s second marriage. The buzz around Malaika Arora ‘s relationship intensifies as Arora’s personal life intersects with her ex-husband’s new chapter. Join us as we navigate through the swirling rumors and dissect the implications of Arbaaz’s remarriage on Malaika and Arjun’s romance. The unfolding story sheds light on the complex dynamics within Bollywood’s high-profile relationships, inviting readers to explore the intricacies of celebrity love lives.

Malaika Arora

Relationship status of Madam Arora

Malaika Arora’s personal life has been a subject of interest for some time. Recent rumors suggest a breakup between Malaika and Arjun Kapoor, reigniting speculation about their relationship. In a recent promotional video for ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa,’ where Malaika serves as a judge alongside Farah Khan, she was questioned about wedding preparations, sparking further rumors. Her response implies that she is currently single, and the possibility of a second marriage is being considered.

Malaika Arora sparks breakup rumor with Arjun after Arbaaz's second marriage

Malaika Arora wants to Marry Again?

During her appearance on ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11,’ Malaika Arora faced an inquiry from co-judge Farah Khan about her wedding preparations. In a humorous response that elicited laughter, Malaika, without specifying anyone’s name, expressed her willingness to marry anyone who proposes. In a video released by Sony TV, Farah questioned Malaika about transitioning from a single parent cum actress to a double parent cum actress in 2024.

She asked, “In 2024, will you transition from being a single parent cum actress to a double parent cum actress?” Malaika, visibly confused, responded, “Should I have someone sit on my lap again?” Gauahar Khan clarified, “This means, are you going to get married?” Malaika affirmed, “I will get married 100 percent if there is someone.” When Farah asked if she would marry anyone who proposes, Malaika responded positively, saying, “Koi bhi puchega toh kar loge?” Malaika said affirmatively, “Once bitten, twice very shy.”

These statements emerged shortly after Malaika’s former husband, Arbaaz Khan, tied the knot with makeup artist Sshura Khan, intensifying speculation about her current relationship status.

Malaika During Koffee with Karan

Meanwhile, during his appearance on ‘Koffee With Karan 8’ with Aditya Roy Kapur, Arjun Kapoor shared details about his wedding preparations. He conveyed to Karan Johar, “I think it’s unfair to be sitting here without her and talking about the future. I think that would be the most respectful thing. Once we reach that stage, we will talk about it together. I’m very very happy where I am and I think we make no bones about the fact that we survived through whatever we’ve had to be in this comfortable, happy space.”

Malaika at Koffee with karan

As Malaika Arora’s personal life takes center stage, swirling rumors hint at changes. Amidst speculations and her witty responses, Bollywood’s romance landscape evolves. Join the conversation on celebrity love lives, exploring the twists and turns that keep us hooked. The complexities unravel, inviting readers to navigate the intriguing dynamics of high-profile relationships in the entertainment world. Stay tuned for more glimpses into the ever-fascinating world of Bollywood.

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