How To Remove Dark Circles With Home Remedies?

home remedies tot remove dark circles
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

How to remove dark circles? That’s what you want to know? Okay, but before that, I must admit how terrible it feels to wake up each morning and look yourself in the mirror to find out how your eyes resemble that of a panda! But hey, pandas are cute. Alright, jokes apart, those stubborn dark circles might make you worrisome, and though you can hide them with concealers, you need a permanent solution to get rid of them completely. 

There are always natural and man-made ways of treating your body. If you are confident that natural methods of treatment is your way, then we have you covered. You are about to discover some effective and efficient home remedies that will surely help you remove dark circles.

But just that you know, sometimes natural ways are too late in few cases and medical help becomes necessary. If you feel your dark circles have become too stubborn and has survived many of your efforts then probably its time to seek medical advice. There’s no shame to it because what matters the most is you. Once you look great, you feel great.

Here we have also listed for you a few treatments and medicines which you might look forward to after taking advice from a dermatologist. And remember these are required only under desperate conditions, home remedies are anytime your first preference.

Medical Remedies To Remove Dark Circles

Here goes the list:

Topical Cream

Your dermatologist might suggest topical creams to remove your hyperpigmented skin. These creams contain hydroquinone and tretinoin that have bleaching properties making your skin lighter with consistent use. Usually, you get visible results after three months of usage.

Azelaic Acid

Azelaic acid is supposedly safe to use for long periods and not only reduces dark patches but also helps with allergies and inflammations. Another benefit of using azelaic acid is it does not cause any discolouration of the skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C lotions are quite effective in removing dark circles. A study revealed that within six months, dark circles from patients noticeably decreased with persistent usage of vitamin C.

Chemical peels/Lasers

These two are the most sought after methods by the people. Glycolic acid used in chemical peels helps to remove the dead skin cells around the eyes for the renewal of fresher and brighter skin.

Laser treatment, on the other hand, uses heat to produce new cells. There are two categories of laser treatment: ablative and nonablative. Ablative lasers restore the blood vessels by taking out the excessive melanin. However, nonablative lasers produce more collagen by tightening the skin around the eyes.

But beware! The methods mentioned above are to be considered only after consulting a dermatologist. We won’t recommend you to try these on your own because these are chemical-based products and can cause harm if not used wisely. 

Home Remedies To Remove Dark Circles

Don’t get disappointed if you are not in a position to go with the methods above because we are revealing the real secret now! There are many homemade remedies which you can try on your own without any fear and see the results for yourself. Here’s a list of items to help you eradicate your dark circles.


remove dark circles by applying cucumber
Remove Dark Circles with Cucumber. Photo Credit: Netmeds

Now, now! Don’t eat them, okay? They are here to soothe your eyes. Two thick slices of cucumber are what you need. Cut them out and put it inside your refrigerator for about half an hour before placing it above your eyes. After 10-15 minutes, remove the slices and rinse your eyes thoroughly with lukewarm water. Do this for 2-3 weeks for some visible results. Home remedies are slower but worth doing. They cure things deeply!

Usage: Two times daily for best results.

Almond Oil

use almond oil to remove dark circles
Almond Oil To Remove Dark Circles. Photo Credit: Healthline

Who said almonds are only good for your health? Almond oil contains essential skin lightening ingredients like phytosterols that help in the creation of new collagen. You just have to take a small amount of almond oil and apply it over your dark circles, gently massaging it before you go to sleep every night. Next morning, gently wash it off with cold water. That’s it! Just have patience until you remove dark circles completely.

Usage: Every night till you achieve your desired results.

Rose Water

using rose water to remove dark circles
Rose Water To Remove Dark Circles. Photo Credit: Femina

Rosewater has many benefits. It’s refreshing and rejuvenates your skin and soul! Soak cotton balls in rose water before dabbing them in your eyes gently for 15 minutes. You can also use pads from makeup removers and leave the soaked pads on your eyes for 15 minutes as well.

Usage: Twice daily, and it will surely remove dark circles completely.

Egg Whites

using egg white to remove dark circles
Remove Dark Circles Using Egg White. Photo Credit: iStock

Yeah, I know they are smelly, but they can work wonders for your eyes. You can simply apply it over your dark patches with your bare fingers or use a brush if you wish. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes until you feel a tightening around your eyes and then rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

Usage: Every alternative day

Cold Compress

using cold press to remove dark circles
Remove Dark Circles Using Cold Press. Photo Credit: Indoindians

This method is perhaps the easiest one. If you don’t have a mask, then a clean towel or washcloth can also be used. Put some ice cubes inside the cloth, wrap it neatly and then press against your eyes repeatedly, but gently for 10 minutes.

Usage: Two times daily (recommended during the morning and evening)


grated potatoes to remove dark circles
Grated Potatoes To Remove Dark Circles. Photo Credit: HudaBeauty

This process might take a little of your time, but rest assured, it will leave you with glowing skin. Grate some slices of raw potato, withdraw the juice and soak cotton pads/balls in that juice. Then, hold the soaked pads in your eyes for 10-20 minutes before washing your eyes with lukewarm water.

Usage: Twice daily and see your dark circles going away.

Cold Milk

Using cold milk to remove dark circles
Cold Milk To Remove Dark Circles. Photo Credit: Unique Times

Chilled milk tastes heavenly! But do you know, milk also contains vitamin A that keeps your skin younger and also helps in lightening skin tone. What you need to do is pour a sufficient quantity of milk in a bowl, soak cotton pads/balls in it and dab them under your eye bags for about 10 minutes. Next, rinse your eyes with lukewarm water.

Usage: Twice daily

Tomato and Lemon Juice

Using lemon and tomato juice to remove dark circles
Remove Dark Circles Using Tomatoes And Lemon Juice. Photo Credit: My Simple Remedies

This excellent combo is the least likely to fail because of the acidic properties found in lemons and a substance called lycopene found in tomatoes that not only removes your dark circles but also make your skin softer. Place cotton pads/balls in the extracted tomato and lemon juice and apply the soaked pads on your eyes for 10-15 minutes before cleansing them with lukewarm water. But please, keep your eyes safe from the liquid, don’t let it get inside.

Usage: Two times daily

Coconut Oil

remove dark circles using coconut oil
Coconut Oil To Remove Dark Circles. Photo Credit: Today

Coconut oil smells fantastic. It helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes along with the dark patches. Take a little amount of oil in your palm and use your fingers to rub gently underneath your eyes in a semi-circular motion leaving it on for the night and wash it off the very next morning.

Usage: Every night before going to bed


remove dark circles using turmeric
Turmeric to remove dark circles. Photo Credit: Healthline

We all are aware of turmeric’s medicinal properties. There’s no doubt why people use it widely across the country. Interestingly, it also helps us to remove the dark circles. Make a thick paste of turmeric powder and spread it out evenly on your dark circles. If available, you can add a small amount of pineapple juice into the paste for better results. After leaving the paste for 10 minutes, use a damp and soft cloth to remove it from under your eyes tenderly.

Usage: Once daily

The methods mentioned above are too easy, and the products are readily available in the market. These are safer to use and might also give you a natural glow. Home remedies may not be as fast as modern medicines because you might have to stick to it for a longer time, but that’s worth it. 

 In case, if you don’t find these techniques useful or observe that they are not working for you, then you should consult a skin specialist right away. Don’t hesitate or delay!