Is North Korea Going To Be Free From Kim Jong Un’s Rule? Report Says He is Dying!

is Kim Jong Un dying
Photo by ABC News

We all are familiar with the name Kim Jong Un, aren’t we? The supreme dictator of North Korea who has quite successfully established fear in the hearts of its citizens because of his bizarre laws and cruel fascism. Can you imagine a country where you have to seek the government’s permission to possess a computer of your own? Well, under Kim Jong’s rule, it is fairly possible. Shocking right? Well, that’s not all; the citizens here can’t even visit another country or leave their native land without the authorization of the government. It is a criminal offence. Oppressed and frustrated, the people here often try to run away, and those caught in the act face a doomed life afterwards in the infamous labour camps or get executed. But recently, reports are going around that Kim Jong might be at death’s door. Has God finally listened to the prayers of the people of North Korea? Are they finally going to be freed from the tyranny of its brutal ruler?

The very first speculations of Kim Jong Un’s ailing health conditions started this month after he failed to attend his grandfather, Kim Il Sung’s birthday celebrations on April 15. A North Korean news site known as Daily NK, later on, revealed that with the help of an anonymous source they have come to know that Kim Jong was suffering from heart-related problems since August, last year. His conditions probably got worse due to his repeated visits to Mount Paektu.

Certain unnamed sources seemed to have gathered the fact that Kim Jong had undergone a cardiovascular surgery on April 12 secretly. The Daily UK has also reported that Kim is currently residing at a villa situated on the outskirts of Pyongyang, recovering from his operation. Since the surgery, his health is considered to be deteriorating rapidly, some even suggesting that he might be at serious risk. The South Korean government who is currently going through the reports of Kim Jong’s heart surgery has stated that he is in a “fragile” condition. A US official also mentioned that the US had collected information which pointed out certain complications that might have risen post the surgery of Kim, which probably made him immobilized. But, the official also emphasized that it’s merely a hypothesis and nothing seems clear as of yet.

Among such suppositions, a representative of the presidential Blue House of South Korea, Kang Min Seok, denied all pieces of information that were doing the rounds about Kim Jong’s health. He stated that these were just rumours and no unusual movement was noted inside North Korea. Even the Yonhap news agency that came in contact with an anonymous government official told the agency that claims of Kim being in a critical condition were all untrue. A Chinese official and a member of the Chinese Communist Party who chose to remain unnamed also informed Reuters that people need not believe that Kim’s condition has worsened.

But, if you have a closer look at Kim’s lifestyle choices and practices, it would seem that there is a fair possibility of these rumours to be true. It is said that Kim is a voracious eater, especially a cheese aficionado that has led him to a poor diet and made him obese. His weight was 300lbs in 2016 as reported by the South Korean intelligence department. He also has diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and is a heavy smoker too. While visiting a hospital at Pyongyang in 2013, he was seen to be smoking inside the hospital premises. Thus, there are reports which state that indulging in habits like smoking and being obese might be the reason which caused Kim such heart diseases.

For a country like North Korea that follows a horrendously strict regimen, it is quite A labouring task to acquire correct and authentic information about the happenings inside. North Korea is a master of hiding information from the outside world, so even if Kim Jong is in a dire condition, they would never let the secret out. So, as of now, we can only assume that Kim Jong is still recovering but at the same time also keep in mind the rumours, that the higher authorities are denying. Nevertheless, witnessing the lifestyle of Kim Jong Un, any common man can guess that he doesn’t have a long life ahead. Moreover, if the rumours prove to be somehow correct, then the citizens can heave a sigh of relief as they would finally be free from the subjugation of Kim Jong, the torturer.