Know Everything About The Traditional Dresses Of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a popular tourist destination because of its gorgeous old temples, palaces, and museums. Besides that, their beaches are equally well-known and gorgeous. Andhra Pradesh’s official language is Telugu, which is distinctive in its own right. Aside from that, it is well-known for its silk and cotton textiles. Andhra Pradesh’s traditional attire is similar to those of the country’s other southern states.
The traditional dress of Andhra Pradesh couples and others is one of the most fascinating aspects of the state to learn about. For males, Andhra Pradesh traditional wear is a dhoti and kurta. They also wear shirts and lungis. Prior to the 14th century, ladies in Andhra Pradesh wore dhotis as well. Other traditional costumes, such as Saris and Langa Voni, afterward entered the picture. The Lambadis (an Andhra Pradesh tribal community) often wear a long skirt with a shirt and a dupatta that they drape over their heads. Salwar Kameez and western dress are very popular in the state these days.
The men in Andhra Pradesh generally wear dhoti and kurta. We all know that this is an attire that is quite comfortable in the summer season. However, earlier in days, no matter what season it is, men of Andhra Pradesh wore this traditional attire.

1. Dhoti

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A dhoti is a big piece of cloth that wraps around the waist and gets tucked at the end of it. The length of the dhoti worn is a personal preference. The dhoti gets worn till the knees or until the ankles. One of the famous traditional dresses in Andhra Pradesh.

2. Kurta

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The top worn by males in Andhra Pradesh gets called a kurta. They are often made of cotton. The sleeve length is wrist (full), three-fourth, or half. However, in the festive season, the material of kurta often changes to silk or linen to give a rich look.

3. Lungi

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Men in Andhra Pradesh wore also lungis. Lungis are simple garments that get wrapped around the waist. In place of dhoti and kurta, Muslim males wear pajamas and a Fez Cap (cylindrical red cap). One of the most famous traditional dresses of Andhra Pradesh.


Women in Andhra Pradesh, like males, wore dhotis before the 14th century. However, the length of their dhoti grew with time, and they eventually began utilizing an extra piece of fabric to wrap around their shoulders. The extra piece of material was eventually stitched together to make a saree.

1. Saree

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The saree is a long piece of cloth (typically 512 meters or 6 yards long) that gets wrapped around a woman’s lower body and draped over her torso, over the blouse. Women conceal their upper bodies with blouses. The blouse reaches mid-torso. They may get embroidered whatever the wearer wants – with different styles of colorwork, varying sleeve lengths, and even varying the length of the blouse. One of the famous traditional dresses of Andhra Pradesh.

2. Langa Voni

Langa Voni
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Langa Voni is a two-piece or half-saree worn by girls and young women in southern India. Its made up of a skirt, a shirt, and a dupatta. Girls wear Langa Voni before getting married or entering puberty. They are also permitted to wear it without a dupatta.

3. Petticoat

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Below their saree, women wear a petticoat or an underskirt. The excellent handloom business in Andhra Pradesh is highly renowned. These genuine handloom sarees get preferred by women. Dharmavaram, Kanchi, Chirala, Mangalgiri, and Venkatagiri have a global reputation for handloom manufacture. Dharmavaram is well-known for its silk saree manufacture and distribution. Ikkat sarees manufactured in Nalgonda require a weaving style in which the yarn is randomly colored in geometric or zigzag patterns. Mangalgiri sarees get constructed of high-quality cotton. Gadwal sarees are very popular.

4. Lambadies

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The Lambadies, also known as the Banjaras, is a prevalent tribal community in Andhra Pradesh. Males of the tribe have acclimated to wearing dhoti-kurtas, while the women continue to wear their traditional attire. The Lambadi women‘s traditional attire consists of a long – ankle-length skirt, a shirt, and a ghoonghat or dupatta (an additional piece of cloth). Their outfits are brightly colored, colorful, and hefty.
The dupattas and skirts have thick borders, and the entire outfit gets embellished with mirrors, beads, and stonework. They also wear bangles, anklets, and other pieces of jewelry. Women from all communities dress in sarees and blouses. Salwar kameez is also worn by certain Muslim ladies. Some of the most beautiful Andhra Pradesh traditional dress.
5. Kalamkari Fabric
Kalamkari Fabric
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Kalamkari fabric is a form of textile that has mythical characters and stories painted on it. To color the cloth, the natural dye gets utilized. These materials get used to making sarees, salwar kameez, dresses, and other clothes. Kalamkari cloth is still made in a few Andhra Pradesh regions. Bidri artwork is also used on certain sarees.

6. Silk Sarees

Silk Sarees
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The bride wears silk sarees from Dharmavaram for the wedding ceremony since these sarees complement the costumes for festivals, banquets, and weddings. The sarees get brocaded and have gold plating. One of the famous traditional dress in Andhra Pradesh.

7. Marriage Dresses for Bride and Groom

Marriage Dresses for Bride and Groom
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The sarees get brocaded and have gold plating. While the groom dresses in a kurta and a full-length dhoti with an overlapping pattern or zigzag of surplus material tucked in the front, as well as an additional piece of cloth, draped over one of his shoulders. The bride dresses in red, and the groom dresses in white or cream.
Both bride and groom wear jewelry. The bride gets adorned with bangles, a neckpiece, earrings, Payal (anklets), and a maang tikka (head jewelry) that wraps over their forehead. And, the groom gets adorned with head jewelry in the shape of a gold chain wrapped around his brow. Some of the most beautiful Andhra Pradesh traditional dresses.

8. Papidi Billa

Papidi Billa
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The Papini Billa worn by the Reddy Bride is an exquisite piece of jewelry comparable to the maang tikka, with a gem-encrusted necklace and gold/pearl beads that touch her forehead.

9. Poola Jada

Poola Jada
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The Poola Jada is a hair item made of fresh flowers like jasmine and rose petals with a gold pendant nestled in between that it’s worn by the bride on her braid. Aside from the traditional motifs, modern brides have transformed this classic flower hair decoration into a modern netted variant.

10. Sutralu Golusu

Sutralu Golusu
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The Sutralu Golusu, an important component of the marriage ritual, is handed to the bride by the husband. This simple gold chain, similar to a Mangalsutra, can add a dual coin pendant and red beads.

11. Gundla Haram

Gundla Haram
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This classic and beautiful necklace is made of golden beads and has numerous beaded layers with a pendant on one or both sides linking them together. Gundla Harams, traditionally worn by women of the royal dynasty, it’s also loved by modern Reddy newlyweds.

12. Lakshmi Kadiyam

Lakshmi Kadiyam
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The Lakshmi Kadiyam is a bracelet with Goddess Lakshmi designs surrounded by little floral patterns or studded with precious stones that is a mainstay in the bridal jewelry set. This beautiful adornment, which represents riches and prosperity, is worn not just by brides, but also by ladies at festivals.

13. Vadanam

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The Vadanam is the asymmetrical gold belt with traditional designs like peacocks, birds, or deities that got used as a waist belt or chain to hold up the saree. This gold belt is a striking accessory that not only keeps the bride comfortable in her thick silk saree but also draws attention to her hips.

14. Nakshi Haram

Nakshi Haram
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Carving gold sheets into gods, goddesses, fairies, and legendary creatures is an ancient art form. This nakshi haram from Tara Sri by Tibarumal Gems & Jewels got sculpted by the greatest artisans and boasts exquisite and complex gold carvings that got complemented with valuable stones and gold pearls. The Vysya bride loves to mix this striking necklace with other lighter neckpieces because it is heavier than any of her other necklaces.

15. Aravanki

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The Aravanki, with its distinctive curving V-shape, is a traditional upper arm adornment that got passed down through generations. This item is available in a variety of finishes, ranging from delicate gold (for the Vysya Bride) to more complex designs encrusted with diamonds and rubies.

16. Satlada

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The Saatlada necklace, as the name implies, is made up of seven strands of pearls, each with a pendant made of gold and precious stones. This gorgeous necklace is traditionally given to the bride from the groom’s side, and it is usually combined with the Jada Huwa Laccha (choker).

17. Karan Phool

Karan Phool
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Karan Phool earrings lend a sense of old-world elegance to any appearance with their striking flower pattern that fills the full ear lobe. It comes with a string of pearls that can get tied back and fastened in your hair and serves as a hair accent while moving the weight away from the lobes to offer optimal comfort for the bride.

18. Jada Huwa Lachcha

Jada Huwa Lachcha
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The exquisite Nizami choker is one of the most desired pieces of jewelry among Nizami brides. And, the Jada Huwa Lachcha is frequently the most ornate and beautiful jewelry creation in a trousseau, made of gold and uncut diamonds, with emeralds or rubies as dropstones.

19. Nizami Jugni

Nizami Jugni
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The Nizami Jugni, a necklace made of numerous pearl strands with an eye-catching Kundan pendant studded with precious stones, is one of the lighter accessories that women can wear for smaller occasions during their wedding celebrations.