Man Asks Anand Mahindra To Make Cars For ₹10k, His Hilarious Reply Is Winning The Internet


Anand Mahindra just proved that besides being a successful businessman he is also a person with a great sense of humour. He is very active on social media with 9.2 million Twitter followers, where he keeps sharing innovative and entertaining ideas. His recent comment is winning the internet, his reply to a man asking him to make cars at a very low price is hilarious.

Photo Credit: hindustantimes

Mahindra Group’s chairman posted on Twitter congratulating the Indian team for winning the Thomas Cup. He shared about team experience, a valuable lesson learned from Kidambi Srikanth.

A Twitter user asked the business tycoon if they can make cars at throwaway prices as low as ₹10k, to which Anand Mahindra came up with a witty response, the 67-year-old chairman shared a photo of a miniature red car, modelled after Thar, and wrote:

“We’ve done even better; made one for under 1.5K.”

His sassy reply went viral on the internet, the man who demanded making cars that cheap should have seen it coming.

Netizens were left in splits, some considered his reply “savage”, and lauded his response, while others thought it was a superb marketing strategy and commented on the resemblance of the miniature model to the actual cars. Some shared that their children would love them.

Check out how Twitter reacted to the business tycoon’s hilarious response:

The Chairperson of Mahindra Group never fails to make his followers laugh with his sarcastic remarks and sense of humour. Once again, Mr. Mahindra’s candid and funny replies have won the hearts along with the internet.