30 Modern & Easy Hairstyles For Girls Inspired From Bollywood Divas

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People say to invest in your hair because it is the crown you will never take off, and what better way to flaunt it than with the best hairstyles possible. The haircut you choose can match your entire style, whether it’s for a special occasion or a casual excursion. Everyone recognizes the importance of keeping your hair looking and feeling good. Your hair will look better depending on the hairstyle you choose.

Female celebrities frequently vary their haircuts to keep a fresh appearance, in addition to their cosmetics and bold fashion choices. These hairstyle for girls changes could be as simple as experimenting with braids and buns, or as dramatic as chopping their hair and using bright colors.

Here we got you 30 modern and easy hairstyles for girls inspired by Bollywood Divas:

1. Messy Knot

Janhvi Kapoor messy knot is one of hairstyle for girls to try on
Photo Credit: Vogue India

When attending a red carpet event, this is a favorite choice among actresses. This hairstyle for girls is not only appropriate for a formal occasion or function but also adds elegance and height to your frame. Starting from Deepika Padukone to Priyanka Chopra everyone is fond of this hairstyle.

2. Headband Braid

alia shows a simple hairstyle for girls
Photo Credit: Isrg KB

A pretty and simple hairstyle for girls is the Headband Braid. It’s a versatile simple hairstyle for girls for school, college, or anywhere else. It looks good and keeps your hair out of your face. This isn’t going to be a long-lasting haircut.

3. Side Braid

kar gayi chull hairstyle of alia's is one of the hairstyles for girls with short hairs
Photo Credit: India.com

In the Kapoor & Sons song Kar Gayi Chull, Alia Bhatt had this simple hairdo. This is a versatile haircut that may be set anywhere. It will take you no more than 5 minutes to complete.

4. Half Ponytail

half pony easy hairstyle for girls
Photo Credit:

It’s one of the best hairstyles for girls with short hairs that’s both basic and adorable. It complements any outfit. It’s easy to make and maybe worn to school, college, work, or a party in under a minute.

5. Side French Braid Ponytail

Katrina's hairdo inspiration for hairstyle for girls for wedding
Photo Credit: Pinterest

It’s a simple haircut that you can wear to school, college, or the office. It will just take you a few minutes to prepare. It’s a cute and feminine hairdo.

6. Tomboy

Kajol's simple hairstyle for girls
Photo Credit: IndiaTV News

With her enticing mushroom cut, the energetic actress Kajol had already taken on a tomboy attitude in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.’ She wore her short hairstyle with ease, and it became a fashion symbol for many young women. It is one of the best hairstyles for girls with short hairs. It is a simple hairstyle for girls.

7. Short Layers with Side Bangs

PC's side bangs
Photo Credit: Bollywood Hungama

Priyanka Chopra is one of those actresses who is constantly changing up her look and her haircuts! In one of her films, ‘Anjaana Anjaani,’ she wore short layers with the oomph of confidence. In the film, she wore her hair in a feathery style with front bangs. Teenagers get enthralled with the indie fringes craze. Bangs are already fashionable in a wide range of hairstyles!

8. Bouffant

bouffant hairstyle for girls
Photo Credit: Pinterest

This is a popular 1960s hairstyle that is still popular today. Waheeda Rehman, Sharmila Tagore, Saira Banu, Madhuri Dixit, and Priyanka Chopra are among the Bollywood actresses who have worn this style. Women like to style their hair in a bouffant and let it loose on the sides.

9. Messy Waves

deepika's hairstyle in cocktail
Photo Credit: Speaking Chic

Deepika’s hairstyles are quite regular, however, her favorite look from the movie “Cocktail” sticks out. With her gorgeous haircut, Deepika’s portrayal of Veronica in the film boosted the glitter factor and left many of us awestruck. The multi-layered, casual haircut with moderate curls gained a lot of attention right away. Piggy Chops, Chitrangada Singh, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are among the many Bollywood actresses who have sported this hairstyle at various events or occasions.

10. Long Wavy Hair

long wavy hair for alia's
Photo Credit: Wallpapersden

In a short amount of time, Alia Bhatt, a rising star in Bollywood, has experimented with a range of hairstyles. Her critically acclaimed film ‘Two States,’ in which she portrayed a modern south Indian avatar, wowed audiences. Alia’s character, Ananya, has long wavy hair or a gorgeous disheveled braid, which gives her a simple but appealing appearance. Several Bollywood actresses have had long, wavy hair throughout their careers.

11. Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid by sonam
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Braids seem to be all the rage right now! If normal braiding bores you, try a fishtail braid, which is both fashionable and sophisticated. It’s available in two styles: ruffles and sleek. In the ruffled style, the hair splatters out of the braid, and some loose sides fall, whereas, in the sleek style, all hair is beautifully fastened in a single fishtail braid!

12. Poker Straight Hair

Poker hairstyle for girls
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sleek, beautiful, and sophisticated haircuts are all available! It’s also very easy to move and maintain. Several actresses in Bollywood have sported poker-straight hair. In several of her films and public appearances, Aishwarya has worn this haircut.

13. Red Streak

red streak by kareena
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Kareena Kapoor played hyperactive hairstylist Riana Braganza in the film ‘Ekk Main Aur Ekk Tu,’ and she wore her hair long and wavy. Changing her hairstyle from poker straight to grungy with one crimson-streaked strand was warmly appreciated in B-town. She was also seen with a variety of colorful hair accessories, including hair bands and hairpins. Since then, having a red hairstreak has become rather popular.

14. Floral Buns

tara's floral bun hairstyle for wedding
Photo Credit: ShaadiWish

So, if you’re worried about your wedding hairstyle, why not go with florals? In their flowering roses bun, Sonam Kapoor and Kriti Sanon looked stunning. One of the most trending hairstyle for girls for wedding.

15. Hollywood Waves

hollywood waves hairstyle by btown
Photo Credit: Twitter

Check out these Hollywood waves hairstyles worn by B-Town ladies if you’re seeking some unusual hairdo inspiration. With a deep side part and side-swept waves for a dramatic look, this hairstyle is traditional.

16. Classic Curls

ananya pandey classic curl for wedding
Photo Credit: ShaadiWish

Curls are always fashionable, and they’re the best option for a party outfit. Whether it’s loose curls or spiral curls, these females are certainly setting significant goals for us.

17. Sleek Bun

sleek bun by sonam kapoor
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sonam Kapoor is a Bollywood actress. Ahuja is one of the most fashionable actresses in Bollywood. From her clothing to her cosmetics and haircuts, the actress isn’t afraid to explore new things with her image. The sleek bun is her go-to hairstyle, which she enjoys. The actress has worn this hairdo on both casual and formal occasions.

18. 80s Disco Hair

Katrina look flawless in this curl hiarstyle
Photo Credit: BBLUNT

With her wild curly hair and sexy posture, Katrina appears flawless as she poses for the camera. If you’re tired of the traditional straight hairstyle, Katrina Kaif’s haircut will definitely show off your wild side.

19. Braided Strand

aditi rao's braid strand
Photo Credit: The Brunette Diaries

Aditi Rao Hydari, the very stylish Wazir actor, provides millions of her female follower’s unique haircut advice. In this photo, Aditi has a simple and lovely open haircut with a braided strand of hair sliding down one side. It is a simple hairstyle for girls.

20. One Side Swept

one side swept by prachi desai
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Once upon a time in Mumbai, star actress Prachi Desai looked lovely with her hair brushed to one side. This haircut looks well with an evening cocktail gown like the one she’s wearing as well as a more traditional piece.

21. Beachy Waves

beachy waves easy hairstyle for girls
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The beachy waves hairdo worn by Sara Ali Khan is one you should definitely try. It’s easy to make and looks fantastic. In fact, you might take inspiration from Sara Ali Khan’s haircut for your party look.

22. Neat Trail

tapasse hairstyle for girls
Photo Credit: HerZindagi

Taapsee Pannu, famed for her natural hair, which she flaunts in her flicks. Rolling strands from the mane and securing them with bobby pins or rubber bands at the nape of the neck creates this hairstyle. You’ll be ready to knock everyone’s socks off with a spritz of hairspray!

23. Messy Buns

messy bun hairstyle for girls for wedding
Photo Credit: ShaadiWish

On all hair types, messy buns look beautiful, but curly hair gives them a more defined and effortless look. Make a loose bun with your hair by running your fingers through it. Remove a few long strands, fix with bobby pins, and then have fun!

24. Messy Pony

messy pony easy hairstyle for girls
Photo Credit: Glamcheck

Make your curly hair pop with a style like Deepika’s. By combing your fingers through your hair, create a mid-rise pony with a few loose strands in the front. It is an easy hairstyle for girls.

25. Princess Waves

princess waves easy hairstyle for girls
Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you mistook the bong beauty for a Disney princess with curly hair, it’s not your fault. Her free wavy curls and magnificent flower string worked in her favor to create a lovely boho atmosphere for the Mehendi ceremony. With a Barbie doll costume, her wedding day dress was set a new twist. She got dressed in powder pink and looked like she had come out of a fairytale. She set marks as hairstyles for girls for weddings.

26. Gajra Effect

Gajra classic look for women inspired by bollywood Diva
Photo Credit: ShaadiWish

Kareena Kapoor Khan, the most fashionable celebrity, put her hair in a low bun with a gajra for her sangeet ceremony. To balance off her heavily clad ensemble, the stunning bride picked a simple updo. If you want to elevate your hairdo to the next level, don’t forget about the exquisite gajras.

27. Half updo

ideas for easy hairstyle
Photo Credit: IndiaTV News

Dia Mirza, who is equally lovely, opted for a romantic and sophisticated low-maintenance haircut. The bride pulled the top half of her hair back into a half-tie. The effect was more pleasing with a tiny maang teeka in the center parting. The stunning hairdo had all the density and drama it needed thanks to the wavy texture.

28. Tight High Bun

Lara dutta in wedding in a tight bun hairstyle
PhotoCredit: The Bridal Box

Lara Dutta, a gorgeous diva, is someone to look up to if you want to be a Victorian bride. She demonstrated that the tight and huge age-old bun is still a classic for all Christian brides-to-be. You can, too, go for a big puffy bun and expect to get noticed. It is an easy hairstyle for girls.

29. Curly Extensions

shilpa curl extension for simple hairstyle
Photo Credit: Utsavpedia

Shilpa Shetty can create any look in a matter of minutes. Shilpa’s haircut for the reception night was picture-perfect and appropriate for the occasion. Her hair was set glam-style, with a half straight and set and the other half flowing in curls. Shilpa’s curly extensions gave her a damsel-in-distress appearance.

30. Side-Parted Chignon

genelia hairdo from her wedding
Photo Credit: Utsavpedia

On her wedding day, the cheerful babe Genelia looked edgy and confident with her side-parted chignon. The young actress looks to have gone for a contemporary look rather than a fully Indian one with her trendy tresses. The diva’s hair was set to the sides to add to her bridal look’s appeal.