PM Modi’s Response To A Tweet On #IAmNewIndia Wins Many Hearts


PM Modi’s heartwarming response to a tweet under the hashtag #IAmNewIndia is winning widespread admiration. The engaging exchange showcases the relatability and connect the leader has with the people. Join us as we delve into this positive interaction, highlighting how Modi’s response resonates with many, fostering a sense of unity and shared identity. The story unfolds as a testament to the impactful role of social media in fostering a more personable connection between political leaders and citizens.

PM Modi

#IAmNewIndia Incident

Ajeet Singh, a Twitter user, experienced an eventful day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi noticed his tweet and provided a response. The user posted a joke on Twitter, humorously suggesting that PM Modi was working for him, and to his astonishment, he received a reply from the ‘pradhan sevak’ himself.

On Tuesday, he shared a post on social media platform X, stating, “One of my follower (sic) asked me: Do you work for Narendra Modi. I smiled and said: no dear, he works for me.”

PM Narendra Modi’s Fitting response

Prime Minister of India addressed this Tweet. His response shook the whole Internet in a jiffy. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a very humble tone responded,

“Absolutely. Happy to be the Pradhan Sevak for each and every Indian.”

PM Modi waves on Twitter

Ajeet’s tweet was among the many on Twitter expressing support for Modi’s #IAmNewIndia campaign. Modi first referred to himself as the ‘Pradhan Sevak’ in his initial Independence Day speech as Prime Minister back in August 2014. Modi’s response garnered over 6,000 retweets, and his followers actively tweeted in his support.

One user responded, “This is your greatness, and it is our fortune to have a Prime Servant like you. You can also lodge complaints and provide criticisms.” Another user wrote, “this is overwhelming….” One more took it as a duty to find the source of this thread and wrote, “Ajeet had copied it from @AakashGauttam“.

Prime Minister Modi’s response to the #IAmNewIndia hashtag exemplifies his commitment to serving every Indian. The engaging exchange reflects a leader’s relatability and resonates with citizens, fostering unity. Such interactions on social media reinforce the personalized bond between leaders and the public, showcasing the positive impact of technology in bridging the gap. As we celebrate this sense of shared identity, it’s a reminder that the strength of a nation lies in the collective spirit of its people. Have you experienced a similar connection with leaders online? Share your stories!

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