Shahrukh gives reply to a fan questioning on Gambhir comeback in KKR

Shahrukh gives reply to a fan questioning on Gambhir comeback in KKR

Shah Rukh Khan pours his heart out when questioned about Gautam Gambhir’s comeback to the Kolkata Knight Riders. In a touching response, Khan declares, ‘Because Gautam Gambhir is ours.’ The Bollywood superstar’s emotional connection to Gambhir’s return adds a personal touch to the anticipation surrounding the cricketer’s reunion with the Knight Riders. Dive into the sentiments and excitement as Shah Rukh Khan expresses not just team allegiance, but a genuine bond with Gambhir, making it clear that the cricketer holds a special place in the heart of the Kolkata Knight Riders’ family.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gautam Gambhir are uncomfortably close!

Gambhir’s epic return

When Shah Rukh Khan was asked about Gautam Gambhir returning to the Kolkata Knight Riders as a ‘mentor’ in the Indian Premier League (IPL), his response was truly heartwarming. During a Q&A on X (formerly Twitter), SRK expressed, “Because Gautam Gambhir is one of our own. He was KKR’s captain and our family.” Gambhir, a key figure in India’s T20 and 50-over World Cup victories, led the KKR from 2011 to 2017 before moving on. For the last two seasons, he served as the ‘mentor’ for the Lucknow Super Giants. The reunion marks a special connection between Gambhir, SRK, and the Knight Riders.

Lucknow made it to the play-offs in both seasons, but they couldn’t clinch the title. This led the team to recruit Justin Langer, a former Australian opener and coach who won the T20 World Cup, as their Head Coach.

Gambhir and KKR

After the Sanjiv Goenka-owned team brought in Langer, it became likely that Gambhir would leave. Despite a buzz-inducing meeting between Gambhir and Shah Rukh at the Bollywood superstar’s Mumbai home, both Lucknow Super Giants and Gambhir strongly denied his departure. The influential CEO of KKR, Venky Mysore, declared that Gambhir would team up with head coach Chandrakant Pandit.

“I am not an emotional person and not many things move me. But this is different. This is back to where it all started. Today, there is a lump in my throat and fire in my heart as I think about slipping into that purple and gold jersey once again,” said Gambhir.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gautam Gambhir are uncomfortably close!

Gambhir stated in a team statement, “’m not just returning to KKR, but I’m coming back to the ‘City of Joy.’ I’m here, I’m eager, and I’m representing as number 23. I am KKR.”

Shah Rukh Khan, the main owner of KKR, expressed, “Gautam has always been part of the family, and now he’s returning in a new role, coming home as a ‘mentor’.”

“He was sorely missed and now we all look forward to Chandu Sir and Gautam in instilling the never-say-die spirit and of sportsmanship they stand for, in creating magic with Team KKR,” he added.

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