20 Small Size Couple Tattoo Idea That Look Decent & Lovely

small tattoo ideas for couples

When you’re in love it is a wonderful experience, and couples try various ways to demonstrate their love and care for one another to keep the flame alive. Consider getting matching pair tattoos if you want to express your love for your lover in a more creative way. Tattoos are getting increasingly trendy these days. Even teenagers look forward to the day when they will be able to wear something that reflects their individuality.

There are many couple tattoos designs that are both romantic and interesting for all those romantics out there. It ties the two of you together as a token of your commitment to spend the rest of your life together. It will make your love and relationship stronger, every time you look at the tattoo, you’ll get reminded of your love. The most basic couple tattoos are always the most effective. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your love for someone. Keep things basic and uncomplicated. Choose a tattoo that is meaningful to both you and your lover.

Here are 20 small size couple tattoo ideas that look decent and lovely:

1. Matching Tattoo

couple tattoos for love birds
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A matching tattoo for you and your partner is a great way to display your love. Having the same tattoo for the rest of your life connects you together. To commemorate an anniversary or a milestone, you may utilize a unique symbol, term, or phrase, or you could use an inside joke from your relationship. Matching tattoos are common among couples who are quite similar, they represent being soulmates and thinking along the same lines.

2. Couple Finger Tattoos

finger tattoos as small couple tattoos
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Finger tattoos are a unique option when it comes to partner tattoos. There are a variety of ways to approach this, for example, you could ink lines from a poem on your fingers and weave them together so that they can get read in their entirety. A simple design like a heart maybe a matching inking that only shows up when your hands get moved in a certain way. It’s a subtle tattoo with a whimsical vibe about it. It is one of the most wanted small couple tattoos among lovers.

3. Love Tattoos

couple tattoos with meaning like a heart or love word
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The word “love” and heart symbols are two of the most well-known relationship tattoos. For the passionate and sentimental types, it’s all about putting your heart on your sleeve. These tattoos are instantly recognizable, and they make a straightforward, powerful message about what matters most in life. People have been getting love tattoos for a long time because they are simple, strong, and iconic.

4. King and Queen Tattoos

king and queen couple tattoo ideas
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As these designs show, you are the king and queen of each other’s hearts. This tattoo, which depicts both masculine and feminine characteristics, denotes that you have diverse roles to play, but that you are a great match. Getting king and queen tattoos can also be a fun way to show that you and your partner “rule” your lives together.

5. Married Couple Tattoos

married couple tattoos on finger
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While traditional wedding bands are still popular, an increasing number of couples are choosing wedding tattoos. Couple tattoos on finger are more permanent than jewelry and can get customized in a variety of ways. If you don’t generally wear rings or can’t wear your wedding band at work owing to safety concerns, they’re a terrific option. A married couple’s tattoo serves as a visual reminder of your commitment to each other, and it will remain as long as your love. It is the most used couple tattoos on finger.

6. Lock and Key

lock and key tattoos ideas for lovers
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Only one person has access to the key to your heart. You may show how much your other half has released their emotions or let them know you’re ready to lock it down with this powerful body art. These components are also commonly found on the inner forearm, ankles, and hands. You can go for a large, detailed pattern or a more basic approach with this tattoo design. Whatever you choose, lock and key tattoos are a clear statement of your unending love for one another.

7. Minimalist Couple Tattoo

designs for couples
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Minimalist relationship tattoos are perfect if you want something inconspicuous but don’t want to spend hours getting tattooed. Minimalist tattoos are also a great option if you and your partner have very different tattoo styles because they suit everyone. This form of body art has no long statements or intricate patterns, just a simple message of love. These are ultra-chic, small couple tattoos are reminiscent of the charm necklace you’ve come to expect on holidays and anniversaries. Except that you won’t have to remove it at any point.

8. Cartoon Tattoos

cartoon tattoos ideas for couples
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You can never be too old to love animated flicks or cartoons. A couple’s cartoon tattoos are a great way to demonstrate your love for each other if you both adore cartoons or have a favorite cartoon character. These tattoos typically contain a few characters from your favorite cartoon or animation series.

9. The Circle of Love

circle of love tattoo for couples
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This tattoo of a circle of love is simple, yet it conveys a powerful message. The male version of this tattoo is a black inked curve, while the female version is a watercolor circle painted with splashes of many colors like yellow, red, pink, and more. This couple tattoos with meaning form a circle as they link their hands in a circle.

10. Together As One

puzzle piece tattoo ideas for couples
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This illustration shows two people who are so close that they feel like they are one person. They are a part of the happy puzzle, even if they haven’t kept their distinguishing qualities. They can’t take their look away from one other because it’s always preferable to be together.

11. Love Is Our Game

gamer lovebirds tattoo ideas
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If you’re a gamer or not, it’s difficult not to fall for this sweet tattoo that reminds us of vintage video games. In this scenario, the two characters represent crucial feelings between two people. The way they’re staring at each other only adds to the tattoo’s charm.

12. You Are My Star

star tattoos for couples on hand
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The stars are the same, indicating that each spouse makes a significant contribution to the couple’s harmony. This is perfect for folks who are in a committed relationship but dislike romantic themes. The stars are cool, and the tattoo can get interpreted in a variety of ways.

13. Perfectly Brewed Cup of Tea Tattoo

cup of tea small tattoo ideas
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One of the most popular couple tattoo designs that you will certainly like! At the lover’s hand, a lovely cup steams with the warmth of love, and a nicely wrapped tea bag hangs loosely from its string at the side of the hand.

14. A Sea of Love

anchor tattoos for ideal couples
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An anchor tattooed on the hands, with the emblems pointing in separate directions yet undeniably attracted to each other. It’s perfect for holding coffee cups that represent both your appreciation for the relaxing hot beverage and your mysterious love for one another.

15. Always

always tattoo designs for couples
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On the inner forearm, matching tattoos with the word “always” get placed right below the fold. The italics and cursive letters create the impression of being amorous. The tattoo is simple and does not draw much attention to itself. The typography is large enough to read while being subtle.

16. Constellations

constellations tattoo ideas for couples
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This is a wonderful concept for couple tattoos with meaning. You might both get a constellation tattoo that reflects the day you met, or you could both get the star sign of your lover tattooed on you. It’s a fantastic simplistic aesthetic to experiment with.

17. Symbol And Number Tattoo

couple small tattoos in symbols
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Why not use the layout of these couple tattoo ideas but add a romantic symbol and your wedding date beneath it? You may use the day you met or a notable occasion like an anniversary as a starting point.

18. The Lifeline

heartbeat tattoo for couples
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This is a charming example of a tattoo for ardent lovers. These lifelines demonstrate how having a relationship is a life or death situation.

19. Yin Yang

yin yang tattoo for couple
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Without a doubt, Yin Yang is one of the most unique tattoo ideas for couples. It’s playful, but not without emotion, as it reveals that the lovers are diametrically opposed yet rely on each other every day.

20. Infinite Love

tattoo ideas for couple
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These simple couple tattoo ideas represent the infinity symbol. The love between the partners is endless and eternal. This lovely way of connecting with one another will only bring them closer together than they are right now. It’s elegant while yet being oblique enough to show that you’re head over heels in love.