Sourav Joshi ‘s lookalike spotted cutting hair in Salon, Video Viral

Sourav Joshi 's lookalike spotted cutting hair in Salon, Video Viral

In a viral video circulating online, an uncanny resemblance to popular content creator Sourav Joshi has been discovered in an unexpected setting—a local salon. The footage captures the lookalike skillfully cutting hair, leaving viewers intrigued and sparking a wave of speculation. This intriguing discovery has ignited a buzz on social media platforms, prompting discussions about doppelgängers and the uncanny nature of the resemblance. As the video gains traction, the mysterious hairstylist’s newfound fame raises questions about the power of online virality and the unexpected places where internet sensations may emerge.

Sourav Joshi 's lookalike spotted cutting hair in Salon, Video Viral

Who is this YouTuber?

Sourav Joshi is a popular Indian YouTuber, belonging from Haldwani, Uttrakhand. He is known for his entertaining and informative content. He covers a variety of topics, including vlogs, travel, food, and lifestyle. He has gained a significant following on YouTube due to his engaging and relatable videos. Mostly, he gained popularity through his YouTube channel which covered day to day vlogs. These vlogs turned out to be entertaining through the period of time. People were drawn towards the daily vlogs and 22 year old Sourav Joshi became popular as a vlogger and a YouTuber.

Sourav Joshi 's lookalike spotted cutting hair in Salon, Video Viral

The Joshi controversy

In 2022, the vlogger ‘Gora Vlogger’ uploaded a video alleging that Sourav Joshi did not greet him when he visited Sourav’s house. Subsequently, ‘Neon Man’ released a video accusing Sourav of rude behavior, citing Gora Vlogger’s content. Sourav responded, claiming Neon Man was attempting to defame him. Neon Man defended his actions, stating he was just doing his job and meant no harm. Sourav commented on Neon Man’s video, expressing dissatisfaction, but later deleted the comment. Vlogger Manoj Dey later shared that Sourav had blocked him for a hate video about Piyush, Sourav’s brother, without requesting its removal.

The YouTuber’s look alike spotted

Recently, Sourav Joshi duplicate was spotted cutting video. Surprisingly it turned out this kid Salman Ansari works in a hair salon. Moreover he is a 12th grader and is a huge fan of Joshi vlogs and Justin Bieber. Inspired by Joshi’s vlogs, he created his own Instagram channel where he calls himself little Joshi. He has his own YouTube channel. Watch him cutting hair in this video here-

Sourav Joshi Instagram

Recently, Sourav Joshi has been observed personally transporting children from school to their homes, revealing his active involvement in social initiatives and community service.

Check out this latest post Sourav Joshi shared on his IG account.


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Sourav Joshi Twitter 

Sourav Joshi hold two Twitter accounts @SouravJoshiarts and @SouravVlo9. Check out this recent post on his twitter account.

Additionally, Sourav Joshi has actively engaged in sketching and drawing pursuits.

In the realm of uncanny discoveries, a viral video recently unveiled a striking resemblance to renowned content creator Sourav Joshi in an unexpected place – a local salon. The footage showcases the doppelgänger skillfully plying his trade as a hairstylist, creating a buzz on social media and sparking intriguing discussions. This unexpected lookalike, identified as Salman Ansari, a 12th grader and avid fan of Sourav Joshi, not only manages a salon but also mirrors his idol’s passion by creating content on Instagram and YouTube. As this uncanny resemblance gains attention, it adds a fascinating chapter to the unpredictable world of internet sensations and their unexpected counterparts.

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