Top 15 Countries With Exceptionally Beautiful Women In The World

beautiful women in a group
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There can’t be a single definition of Beauty. What’s beautiful in your eyes might not be perceived in the same way by someone else. So, it’s fair enough to say that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder “. It’s needless to mention that all women are beautiful in their own way. And if you’re a woman yourself, then be proud of your uniqueness because there’s no one like you. That said, there are certain countries in the world where people perceive women to be the epitome of Beauty. The following is the list of 15 such countries.


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If only they had wine tasting as a sport

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French Model posing in snow

The beautiful country of Europe, France hosts some of the world’s beautiful women with perfect physical features. They have a feminine charm to them and are masters at grooming themselves. Things get interesting with the fact that they have an impeccable fashion sense which is modern yet chic, sensual and yet sophisticated. They appeal to a lot of men because of their lightweight makeup, which highlights their definite features.


Brazilian Model posing for a sun kissed pic

Brazilian women are known to take good care of their bodies; no wonder that most of them have the perfect hour-glass figure. They also have a charming personality along with great socialization skills that give off a friendly vibe. No wonder they make other women envious.


Russian model with flaunting her charm holding a tea

One of the key characteristics that make Russian women so irresistible is their never-ending legs owing to their perfect height. Tall and flawless these stunners are also creative and intelligent with an acute dressing style. Even when they walk on the streets, they look no less than models. Oh, and did I mention that many have beautiful ocean blue eyes?


Italian Model

The land of delicious pasta also houses some of the finest women across the globe. Italian women are so slim and slender that it makes you wonder where all their calorie intake goes? With soft, baby faces and an old school attire, they walk with utmost grace and elegance.


Known to be the winner of numerous beauty pageants, women of Venezuela are known to have perfectly symmetrical faces, long & black hair complementing their slim bodies that are coveted by many. Genetics has done wonders for them.


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Swedish women are the perfect examples of Beauty with brains. Their fair complexion blends extraordinarily well with their intense blue or green eyes, well carved out lips and tall stature. Plus, almost every one of them is highly educated and articulate.


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Plaid is my new black ?

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These Danish women will make you feel that they have come out straight from a fairytale. With features resembling that of a princess, these women possess a modern outlook. They are even known to be quite liberal and a hedonist.


Their fun-loving and bubbly personality is the dominant feature that makes Philippine women so attractive. Not to mention their caramel skin tone with almond-shaped eyes and pretty dark hair, that often drives men crazy.

United Kingdom

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Vineyards are a great place to eat dinner

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The residence of artists and poets from various parts of the world; Britain features women who are a mixed bag of different appearances and complexions. Witty and highly intelligent, these women also have a sheer sense of fashion that’s often formal yet royal and classy. Natural Beauties is what they are.


Women of Argentina are perceived to be a perfect blend of European class and Latin magic. They are well dressed, dedicated to a strict beauty care regimen and follow a nutritious diet that’s noticeable from their curvaceous body. Yes, their amazing figure gives us real fitness goals.


Margot Robbie, the famous Hollywood actress, best defines what an actual Australian charm is. Most of them have bold features that speak a lot about their adventurous and outgoing personality. These ladies sporting blonde and brunette hairs allure a lot of men with their magnetic vibe.


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Bondi beach ? @elleaus

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Dutch women are exceptionally tall with gorgeous facial features, deep-seated eyes and silky blonde hair. They tend to have a more extended facial structure, slim bodies along with a witty sense of humour that easily captivates others.


If you’re not convinced, then have a look at Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot, you’ll understand why Israel is on the list. With heart-melting smiles, suntanned bodies and mysterious features, they have an exotic appeal! Most of these women also serve the military once they turn eighteen. So, you can say they are quite good at combat as well. And come on, who doesn’t love a badass personality?


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A rememberer.

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These dark-skinned beauties might rule the world someday. Nigerian ladies have fascinating facial features consisting of sharp cheekbones with a great knowledge of fashion and style. They are elegant, smart and very humble too.


There’s not an ounce of doubt that Indian women are rustic and old school beauties. They look breathtaking in sarees and other traditional outfits. These dusky stunners mostly have a heart-shaped face, big and gorgeous eyes with thick, black hair. Beware, they can make you fall weak at your knees by their mesmerizing laugh.

Notions of Beauty often vary widely from one place to another. There are several other countries too, apart from the list as mentioned above where you might find even more beautiful women. So, the attempt to search for the prettiest maiden in the world is simply futile. Women are a blessing of God to humankind. Hence, every woman on earth carries Beauty with her and deserves to be loved and appreciated.