Vivek Bindra responds to Sandeep’s claim of getting threats by Him

Vivek Bindra responds to Sandeep's claim of getting threats by Him

In a compelling twist to the ongoing narrative, Vivek Bindra issues a response to Sandeep’s allegations of receiving threats from him. The controversy unfolds as Bindra addresses the accusations, shedding light on the intricacies of the situation. This dynamic exchange adds a layer of intensity to the unfolding saga, prompting a closer examination of the relationship dynamics and potential ramifications in the business landscape.

Vivek Bindra responds to Sandeep's claim of getting threats by Him

Vivek Bindra Responds to Sandeep ’s Big Scam Exposed

Renowned YouTuber and motivational speaker, Sandeep Maheshwari, found himself in a public feud with Dr. Vivek Bindra, the CEO and founder of Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. The clash initiated when Sandeep uploaded a video titled “Big Scam Exposed,” subtly targeting Dr. Vivek Bindra, known for hosting training programs. Maheshwari later revealed that Bindra had been pressuring him to remove the video, even making multiple visits to his house. This sparked a heated exchange between the two influential figures in the motivational speaking realm.

Vivek Bindra responds to Sandeep's claim of getting threats by Him

On December 13, 2023, Sandeep Maheshwari took to his YouTube community to assert that Dr. Vivek Bindra had attempted to intimidate him into removing the video exposing him from his channel. The YouTuber alleged multiple visits from Bindra’s official representatives. Sandeep emphasized his ability to control his voice but not the collective voice of the nation against Bindra. Furthermore, he declared solidarity among YouTubers to collectively unveil Bindra’s business practices, marking a turning point in their public disagreement.

“Mere Pyaare Vivek, Ek taraf se aap ne meri team ko legal action ki dhamki di (abhi maine aap ki call recording suni) aur doosri taraf se aap ne mere ghar par apne employees ko bheja. Woh bhi ek baar nahi… baar baar… kya aap ko sach mein lagta hai ki main aap ki dhamkiyon se darta hoon? Darta woh hai jo kuch galat karta hai. Main apne faayde ke liye nahi balki sabke faayde ke liye kaam karta hoon… aur marte dum tak karta rahoonga… aap jaise lakhon log mil kar bhi mujhe nahi rok sakte. Aur mujhe akela samajhne ki galti mat karna…”

Vivek Bindra responds to Sandeep's claim of getting threats by Him

Vivek Bindra’s Aim for Transparency

Presenting his perspective on the YouTube community, Vivek Bindra expressed relief that Sandeep acknowledged the video’s intent to expose him. Bindra asserted his readiness to appear on Sandeep‘s show, aiming to address the audience’s doubts. In a challenge, he revealed his preparedness for a 10-day MBA program, offering it to participants without any charges. This move signals a proactive approach from Bindra to engage in a public dialogue and clarify his stance amidst the ongoing controversy.

Vivek elaborated on his perspective regarding whether he threatened Sandeep. He emphasized that his team has not issued any threats to Sandeep’s employees. Vivek invited Sandeep to share the unedited recordings, pledging to take appropriate action if any wrongdoing is substantiated. This proactive stance from Vivek aims to address and resolve the allegations surrounding the alleged threats, fostering transparency and accountability in the ongoing dispute. He wrote:

“Regarding the issue of scaring or threatening any of your employees, it is not part of our culture. If anyone in my team has done such a thing, please share the unedited recording, and I will take action myself. (I do have recordings too) You blocked my number and ignored my humble requests various times to talk to me. You deleted over 5000 positive comments about me (I have screenshots too) It is true that my Director and Chief of Staff visited your house and intention behind it was to schedule an appointment with you for an open conversation.”

Sandeep Maheshwari ‘s Big Scam Expose

The purpose of this piece revolves around decoding the significance of Sandeep Maheshwari’s recent video titled “Big SCAM Exposed” on his YouTube account. The video suggests the exposure of a substantial hoax. Sandeep drops hints about a prominent, large corporation without explicitly naming it. Notably, there’s a well-known YouTuber implicated, accused of selling courses under the guise of assisting individuals in becoming entrepreneurs. The unfolding narrative involves the statements of these two individuals, creating intrigue and sparking discussions about potential scams in the online education space.

Vivek Bindra responds to Sandeep's claim of getting threats by Him

To market the same courses employed by them, employing methods like multi-level marketing (MLM), Sandeep Maheshwari’s Big Scam Exposed involves purchasing a product and subsequently presenting it to others. Participants not only earn commissions but can also sell to friends and family. Both individuals involved in the expose mentioned paying Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 30,000 for the course. They have shared insights into the course offerings, ranging from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh, highlighting the range of prices in question.

Deceptive Business Courses

Upon enquiry about their business learnings from the courses, their response was clear: “No, we did not learn business, but we were put to work to sell or deliver these courses to others,” The catch lies in the fact that they earn commissions from the business being taught when these courses are successfully sold to others. Essentially, the scheme involves selling courses at substantial fees—ranging from 35,000 to 1 lakh or even 10 lakh—disguised as business education, revealing a potentially deceptive practice.

Students engaging in this discussion generally assert that a significant portion of those not yet employed and aspiring to acquire business knowledge enroll in these courses with the genuine intention of learning about business. However, they note that these students eventually find themselves undertaking identical tasks, despite their initial disclaimers of not actively learning about the business. This suggests a potential misalignment between the perceived purpose of the courses and the practical experiences of the students.

Sandeep Maheshwari Addresses Carry Minati Controversy

Sandeep Maheshwari has been vocal about YouTube controversies before. When Carry Minati’s viral parody video mocked him, Sandeep openly addressed it. The video not only imitated Sandeep but also featured inappropriate language for the audience. Unpleased with Carry Minati’s approach, Sandeep expressed his discontent on the YouTube forum, highlighting the need for respectful discourse.

Dear Carry Minati, you made a parody video on me. That’s cool, but while imitating my character, you said m***** and c****** to my audience. It is not funny. Disappointed.”

Vivek Bindra responds to Sandeep's claim of getting threats by Him

Carry Minati promptly addressed and apologized to Sandeep Maheshwari, swiftly resolving the issue. He actively communicated that he had reconciled with Maheshwari, taking corrective action by removing segments from his video that appeared derogatory towards the motivational speaker.

He replied, “We had a call with Sandeep sir and we have removed all the segments he requested and likewise, he has also removed his community post. I have a lot of respect for Sandeep sir and each individual from whom our characters are inspired.”

“Our intention is never to hurt anyone’s sentiments for eg. you might feel Ankit bhai is shown in a bad light but if you watch carefully we are imitating the people who try to be like Ankit bhai but not him exactly so please do not spread hate towards anyone saare apne hee log hai, parody video means picking characteristics of certain individuals who are popular at the time & doing things they won’t normally do. It is just for fun, thank you,” he added.

Vivek Bindra responds to Sandeep's claim of getting threats by Him

Internet Speculation Surrounding the Big Scam Exposed video

Many assumptions and allegations circulate among netizens regarding the identity of this renowned influencer. Here’s a selection of reactions to Maheshwari’s post and video.