Zomato replies after customer finds dead cockroach in Chicken Fried Rice

Zomato replies after customer finds dead cockroach in Chicken Fried Rice

Following a disconcerting incident where a customer discovered a dead cockroach in their Chicken Fried Rice from Zomato, the popular food delivery service has responded. This unsettling revelation has sparked concerns and raised questions about food safety and hygiene standards. In this article, we delve into Zomato’s reaction to the incident, exploring its response and the broader implications for customer trust in the food delivery industry.

Zomato replies after customer finds dead cockroach in Chicken Fried Rice

Dead Cockroach in Chicken Fried Rice

A Bengaluru Zomato customer, Harshitha, received an unpleasant surprise with her chicken fried rice order when she discovered a dead cockroach. Expressing her disgust, Harshitha shared a video on social media, urging Zomato for an immediate resolution. The company promptly acknowledged the issue, responding to Harshitha’s post and addressing the concerning incident.

Zomato replies after customer finds dead cockroach in Chicken Fried Rice

Expressing her dismay, Harshitha, a Zomato customer, took to social media after finding a cockroach in her chicken fried rice order from the restaurant “TAPRI BY THE CORNER.” In a video post, she conveyed her utter disgust and labeled the incident as completely unacceptable and unhygienic. Harshitha called for an immediate resolution, tagging Zomato, CEO Deepinder Goyal, and the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India.

“I ordered chicken fried rice via Zomato from the restaurant “TAPRI BY THE CORNER”. I got a cockroach in my food. Absolutely disgusted with my order! This is completely unacceptable and unhygienic. Need an immediate resolution,” wrote the user on X.

Zomato apologized to Harshita

Responding to Harshitha’s tweet, Zomato expressed surprise and empathy, stating, “That’s really unexpected, Harshitha. We can understand how you must be feeling. Could you please help us with your registered contact number/order ID via a private message so that we can look into this immediately?”

Before this recent occurrence, another Bengaluru resident encountered a similarly distressing situation. This previous incident involved an individual who, on Reddit, expressed disappointment after finding a dead cockroach in their meal from Zamindar restaurant. The user, sharing the post, wrote, “Assist me in addressing this issue. I visited Zamindar today (Kalyan Nagar). A roach was found in the chicken piece, and despite complaining, the staff took no action. How should I proceed?”


The Reddit user’s images showcased an appetizing presentation of food arranged on a banana leaf. Regrettably, the entire dining experience was marred by the unfortunate finding of a cockroach in the rice. The post attracted considerable attention, with some individuals providing suggestions, while others voiced their concerns and shared experiences of encountering similar incidents.

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