10 Uncomfortable Scenes From FRIENDS That Make Fans Nervous While Watching

friends cast and their embarrassing moments
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It’s been more than one and a half-decade since our favorite show FRIENDS ended. It is known as one of the best sitcoms of all time, simply because it is heartwarming, hilarious, and relatable. The show follows the lives of six different characters and their relationships with each other and others. FRIENDS not only made a huge place in the hearts of millions worldwide but also set an incredibly high standard for other sitcoms.

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The popular sitcom FRIENDS continues to stay in their viewer’s hearts while making new fans today. With celebrations, struggles, success, and failures the group of six friends always paint an entertaining picture for their audiences. Although the show still makes its fans laugh and cry, few things in the show make the viewers nervous while rewatching it. Unfortunately, that didn’t age well.

Here is the list of scenes that make viewers nervous while rewatching the show. Let’s check out:

When Ross Wanted To Hookup With His Cousin

ross tries to get close to her cousin Cassie
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It might be funny back then in the 90s but in today’s world, it isn’t cool. This weird attraction makes the audiences nowadays a little uncomfortable. Pulling a move on his cousin is not a very comfortable sight for anyone. To this, Ross’s excuse was not having sex for quite some time. Apparently, Ross couldn’t help himself and tried to make a move on Cassie, her cousin which is an ultimate horror. Not accusing Ross of being the worst guy of all times, but this was surely the moment of embarrassment.

When The Gang Fat-Shamed Monica

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Body shaming is never acceptable. It is not a storyline that any modern-day sitcoms want to follow. The weight of Monica was the topic of the decision on several occasions. However, the first sight of former Monica makes it clear between what’s funny and what’s unethical. It is cringe-worthy to see the audience laughing from an old high school video when fat Monica is going to prom with Rachel. The real problem is Monica tries to brush off the rude comments of her friends.

When The Show Made Fun Of Chandler’s Transgender Parent

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Is it even surprising? Charles Bing, Chandler’s father, faced numerous jokes about his gender identity back in the day. Many in the LGBTQ+ community feel infuriated to see that how people laughed at transgender jokes when they enjoyed the show. However, nowadays audiences react to this situation as causing discomfort and unethical for how easily the show bullied the entire idea of gender identity.

When Ross Started Planning Out His & Rachel’s Future Family

pros and cons list made by ross for rachel
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Ross and Rachel would always be considered as a cute couple. However, at the beginning of their relationship, Ross was obsessive about Rachel. Right before them, both say “I Love You” to each other, Rachel complained about Ross planning her future for her without even asking. And Ross kept on saying that how he imagines their future kids and also read a book on children’s names. That is when Rachel pointed out they’d only been dating for six weeks.

When Ross Told Rachel He Could Imagine Her Nude

ross and rachel
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It doesn’t matter if they have dated once, it is wrong on all levels. This gives anxiety to modern-day audiences especially female ones when Ross tells his ex-girlfriend that he still has the power to see her naked without her consent. People back in the 90s might argue that it was just a joke and it does not matter, but nobody should take advantage of someone else like this. There are various moments in the show where guys would talk about naked women. It shows objectifying women which are not fair at all.

When The Truth About The “I Hate Rachel Green Club” Emerged

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Apparently, Rachel was a bully in high school for which two young boys created a Rachel hate club. But it got too far when they spread the rumor of Rachel being intersex. Yet again, the show poked fun at different bodies and sexual orientation. This makes the modern audiences flinch and caused discomfort among them about the idea of what they did.

When Rachel Sabotaged Bonnie’s Appearance

rachel and bonnie
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Even though it is adorable that Rachel had the feeling for Ross and she was jealous of his girlfriend, Bonnie, but it wasn’t cool to encourage her to go bald. It got too far on Rachel’s part. It is another anxiety-inducing moment on the show where it shows that a girl loses her physical beauty by losing all of her hair. Modern viewers now wonder why appearance should be given that much importance and laughing about the woman being bald is now thought of as negativity.

When Monica & Ross Realized They Kissed

ross and monica
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Both Monica and Ross were shocked and disgusted by the revelation that they kissed. The gross moment is when both of them realized that this was also Monica’s first kiss ever was nasty and makes it cringe-worthy. However, there is still a gray area to the story. Ross revealed that he went to kiss Rachel on the forehead while she was unconscious. This started a question among question that if it is right. This makes the modern-day audiences anxious when they re-watch the scene for the show.

When Rachel Used Her Age To Determine Everything

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It was hilarious to see the gang when they turned 30 on the episode, but the audience nowadays feels nervous about Rachel’s idea of scheduled life. As per Rachel’s plan, she was supposed to start before or at 30 years old when viewers aren’t totally on board with what should happen at that age. In fact, it now seems drastic that Rachel could actually think of calculation precisely that when she could accomplish making a family. Modern viewers doubt that this is the example they need to follow.

When Joey Went Through Rachel’s Book

joey and rachel
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Going through someone’s stuff, even if they are a friend or roommate isn’t cool. The audience wonders that a guy rummaging through a girl’s stuff is harassment. When Joey made fun of Rachel for keeping an erotic novel under her pillow, it was unnecessary and downright stupid because it seemed like he took the advantage of Rachel’s privacy. While Joey was and will always be an adorable character, modern viewers can’t help to think of it as a form of actual harassment.

Is there anything else from the show that you feel awkward about then feel free to share it in the comment section. The intention is not to tarnish the show nor its memories for us but these are a few thoughts that keep buzzing in viewers’ minds while watching the show. And we here just tried to bring it down on paper. But personally, I am a diehard fan of the show. It’s only because I love the show so much that I can’t stop thinking about it so badly. It’s quite possible that by the time you are reading this, I am busy watching an episode. So once you are done reading, join me and watch an episode for yourself!