15 Weird Jobs You Have Never Heard About

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Never do anything for free if you are good at it. The world has taken this very seriously. Here you are going to find some weird jobs around the world that people do and earn money. And some are cool too! See if you find any of these jobs interesting. At first, You won’t believe these jobs exist! But trust me, it’s real, so get your CV ready and read the following:

Professional Pusher

Professional Pusher job in japan
Photo Credit: toluna

In Japan, you will get paid for pushing people. Yes! So if you like to push, this is the perfect job for you. But there is a reason why they hire pushers. Because people in Japan don’t want to get late for work, and the pushers help them get inside the train by pushing them in. Insane right!

Rental Boyfriend

rental boyfriend in tokyo
Photo Credit: amazonaws

In Tokyo, money is all you need to have to get a boyfriend. So if you give up on finding a boyfriend yourself, you can shift there and enjoy the service! Don’t think wilder stuff but you can just expect the romantic part out of him. He will take care of you and make you feel special because he is good at it.

Deodorant Tester

Deodorant Tester experts in work
Photo Credit: cosmeticsandskin

A stinking, weird job! But people are earning by poking their noses into people’s armpits to test the odour-fighting power of deodorants. Gross!

Professional Mourner

Professional Mourner working in an event
Photo Credit: hswstatic

You will find people if you need someone to mourn for your loss. They will come, cry and mourn without asking questions, and once the event is complete, they get paid. So if you cry and if you are emotional then don’t cry for free.

Professional Apologizer

Professional Apologizer in japan
Photo Credit: soranews24

Some of us are not very good at apologizing and yet tend to mess things up. Everyone does! But if you need someone who can apologize for you, you can hire one who will apologize for you. 

Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper sleeping while people observe
Photo Credit: blogspot

It’s indeed the job most people will love. Sleep lovers! You can earn just by sleeping. The scientist that observes or studies sleep disorders or other sleep-related diseases hire people who are good at sleeping. 

Professional Cuddlers

Professional Cuddlers in cuddling cafe japan
Photo Credit: ungeek

In case you are in Japan and feeling lonely, you can hire a woman who will come and cuddle or sleep next to you all night long. 

Full-time Netflix Viewer

Full-time Netflix Viewer job
Photo Credit: ladbible

Imagine being paid to watch TV all day! Well, a dream job for movie freaks. Netflix hires people to view all of their content before it is available to the public to assign each program its correct tags. It helps users like us to find out what we are looking for, and also differentiate a romantic movie based on classic literature from a witty talking animal TV show. 

Professional Stand In-Line Substitute

Professional Stand In-Line Substitute as a job
Photo Credit: rjeem

In Japan, you will find long lines and a long waiting list; you need to have the patience to stand. But if you don’t have the patience to stand in the line, you can hire someone. Yes! Some freelancers will happily stand in the line for you as long as you pay them. 

Wedding Guests

hired Wedding Guests in a wedding event
Photo Credit: theweddingpic

If you don’t have many people to invite to your wedding, you can hire them in Japan. Japan has made everyone’s life easier; all you need to do is hire them. It’s a part-time job, where people get hired to double up as your wedding guests. 

Vomit Cleaner

hired Vomit Cleaner in amusement park
Photo Credit: dailystar

The job title sounds gross right! But some amusement park lovers who love thrills and rides tend to do it for free rides. Some roller coasters will make you vomit, and the amusement park owners knew this fact and thus this job. You must be thinking why people would go into a situation like this? For free rides! 

Pet Food Tester

food testers looking at pet food
Photo Credit: pictures-of-cats

Generally, someone with a doctoral degree, a pet food taster’s main job is to test, not taste. They evaluate a given pet food’s nutritional value, writing reports and determining ways to enhance new pet foods. 

Furniture Tester

Furniture Tester resting on a furniture
Photo Credit: odditycentral

It’s a pretty cool and comfortable job! You have to sit, wriggle and sleep on the furniture to assess its comfort. This job sounds weird but cool!

Drying Paint Watcher

Drying Paint Watcher working on his job

People earn a living watching paint dry. It’s true! You have to sit and see how long new paint mixes take to dry and observe the change in colour and texture. 

Gross Stunt Tester

Gross Stunt Tester eating weird thing
Photo Credit: pinimg

In reality shows, you see how some people chomp down a grasshopper or something else like these. Some people have done that before, and these guys are called gross stunt testers. Their job is to test everything gross. 

After knowing about these jobs, do you think you are in the right profession? Is your job cool enough to let down the ones in the list? Maybe, you are thinking of updating your CV and applying for something new! For all your efforts, good luck and keep us posted.