23 Yr Old Model falls for 40 yrs older Man on Tinder, Pics aren’t for Singles

23 Yr Old Model falls for 40 yrs older Man on Tinder, Pics aren't for Singles

Despite the inclination of most older men to decelerate, David expressed a desire to discover the love of his life. Fortuitously, love struck immediately when the 62-year-old connected with Willow, 23 yr old model on Tinder. And the couple eagerly anticipated their first meeting.

Taking the initiative, the model asserts that she fell in love with the older property developer within just an hour of meeting him. David, in turn, admitted feeling the same about his counterpart.

So what were they thinking??

“I aimed to avoid external influences and simply get to know him as a person. I wanted to form my opinion about him. Before external factors could affect my feelings in any way,” she explained. Reminiscing about their initial date with Truly’s Love Don’t Judge.

23 yr old model

Her partner concurred, stating, “The connection was incredible. I instantly fell in love.” After their initial date, they swiftly formed a couple and embarked on a whirlwind romance. Leading them to move in together within just three months.

While one might expect the honeymoon phase to conclude, they still appear to be deeply in lov. And have embarked on numerous luxurious trips together. Whether attending a live performance by the Backstreet Boys or enjoying weekends in the Bahamas, their relationship displays no indications of slowing down anytime soon.

TikTok page of 23 yr old model and her boy friend 

David and Willow have a deep commitment to each other. Evident in their establishment of a TikTok page dedicated to their relationship. However, not everyone shares the same joy for the couple. Their forty-year age difference faces considerable scrutiny on social media. With trolls consistently targeting the comments section of their videos.


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23 yr old model Willow frequently bears the brunt of the criticism. As strangers often label her a ‘golddigger’ and refer to David as her ‘sugar daddy.’

“I’ve reached a point where I’m not allowed to read comments anymore because I take that stuff personally,” David shared with Truly. Acknowledging that he is protective of his partner.


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Despite having to ignore hurtful comments, their loved ones have embraced their unique relationship with greater acceptance.

23 yr old model likes the way he treats her

Even when speaking to filmmakers, the property developer openly shared, “Her mother is convinced that we knew each other in a prior life… I’ve never seen my daughter happier.”


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Understanding why is straightforward, as the 23 yr old model expressed her appreciation for how older men treat her, especially in small gestures like pulling out her chair at a restaurant.

“I’ve dated older men before,” she disclosed, emphasising that they’ve already learned and don’t require babysitting. Their courtesy and ability to care for a lady stand out.


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So smitten is 23 yr old model with her older boyfriend that Willow has already orchestrated an extravagant wedding, complete with a private jet to transport their loved ones to their Italian venue.

While we extend our best wishes to the joyful couple, a hint of envy lingers for their fortunate guests.

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