Zomato replies after the customer gets dead lizard as free gift in food

Zomato replies after the customer gets dead lizard as free gift in food

A family in Hyderabad experienced a horrifying situation when they discovered a deceased lizard. In a packet of chicken biryani they had ordered from a local restaurant through Zomato, a food delivery platform. This shocking incident took place at Bawarchi Hotel near Hyderabad RTC Cross Road. Where Vishwa Aditya from DD Colony, Amberpet, had placed an online order for chicken biryani.

As reported by Telugu Scribe, the family expressed that the Zomato delivery person not only brought the expected chicken biryani. But also an unwelcome guest – a dead lizard. Shared on social media with a caption reflecting the family’s dismay. The incident highlighted the perceived negligence of the Bawarchi management in handling the matter.

Tweet by the customer for Zomato 

Part of the caption accompanying the videos on X by Telugu Scribe states, “Lizard in chicken biryani at Loni Bawarchi Hotel Hyderabad RTC Cross Road.” The video displays a plate of biryani, complete with onion rings and chutney, situated on a table. However, it also exposes the presence of a deceased lizard on the plate, indicating that the lizard had seemingly been cooked with the biryani. As the video advances, the camera shifts to reveal the restaurant’s packaging, from which the biryani was delivered through Zomato.

Response from Zomato

In response to the tweet, Zomato stated, “We have identified the issue and spoken to the customer. We take this very seriously and are working on appropriate next steps.”


Since its posting on December 2, the tweet has garnered over 2.2 lakh views, and the numbers continue to rise. Some individuals even utilised the comments section of the tweet to express their opinions.

Netizens reaction

An individual posted, “This hotel has been seized by food inspectors several times already, but why has it been released again? A fine is insufficient for repeated mistakes like this. Playing with customers’ lives and sheer negligence by the management.”

Another person added, “Cease eating out to preserve your lives. It’s just business for these restaurants. They don’t prioritise hygiene.”

A third individual shared, “I won’t be eating biryani again,” while a fourth commented, “Shocking.”

A fifth person wrote, “My desire to eat Hyderabadi biryani concludes here,” and a sixth expressed, “When such incidents can occur in well-known restaurants, imagine the hygiene in local roadside eateries.”

Have a look at Similar incidents

In recent times, it is not the initial occurrence where a customer encountered trouble after ordering biryani through Zomato.

In a separate incident, another customer discovered a deceased cockroach in the fish biryani delivered through the online platform from Grand Hotel restaurant in the Koti area of Hyderabad. This customer shared the experience on Reddit and assigned a zero out of 10 rating to the restaurant.

Beyond the recurring instances where individuals express dissatisfaction about receiving substandard food through online delivery, there are occasions when the experience becomes memorable for customers. In one such incident, a Swiggy delivery agent went an extra 12 km to deliver food to a customer at 3 am in Hyderabad. The incident garnered a positive response on social media.

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