Anand Mahindra gives Epic reply to guy asking for THAR as B’day gift

Anand Mahindra gives Epic reply to guy asking for THAR as B'day gift

Anand Mahindra is the big boss of Mahindra Group. In a recent chat on Twitter, had a really funny comeback for a guy asking him for a Thar as a birthday present. Presently, the chat got everyone talking on social media because of Mahindra’s clever sense of humor. In fact, people are now curious to know all about this exciting conversation. Let’s take a closer look at how the big shot’s cool response turned a basic request into a big online story.

Anand Mahindra

What happened actually?

Recall the era when Shashi Tharoor generously shared the ‘word of the day.’ It’s been a considerable amount of time since he last engaged in that practice. However, it seems Anand Mahindra is adopting a similar tradition, albeit with a unique spin. It appears that people tend to request lavish gifts, perhaps hoping against hope for an actual bestowal.

In a bold move, a stranger elevated the request game by playfully urging Anand Mahindra to present him with a car. The audacity of this individual is truly remarkable. Nevertheless, Anand Mahindra delivered yet another outstanding response, showcasing his trademark wit. This witty exchange between the two garnered attention, highlighting Mahindra’s knack for clever comebacks.

On Twitter, a guy named Vipul boldly approached Anand Mahindra with a direct request. He wasn’t shy about it; Vipul explicitly asked for a Thar as a birthday gift. It seems he decided to take a chance and make a memorable birthday wish to the influential business figure.

Despite having the means to give away a couple of cars effortlessly, Anand Mahindra opted for a humorous approach to respond to the audacious request. Markedly renowned for his stellar Twitter presence, Mahindra took the opportunity to showcase his wit. In a reply to Vipul, he not only provided the definition of ‘chutzpah’ but ingeniously incorporated the individual into the example, solidifying his reputation for sharp and entertaining comebacks.

Particularly the reason is simple: ‘mera dhanda bund ho jaayega’ (my business will shut down). It’s perfectly understandable. This humorous response is earning Anand Mahindra a lot of internet praise. Momentarily, even Vipul seems to be enjoying the banter.

Few responses for Anand Mahindra

Meanwhile, Anand Mahindra’s clever and humorous response has sparked a flurry of positive reactions from the public. Once again, highlighting the company’s adeptness at engaging and resonating with its audience.

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