British Journalist Will Remember This Reply By Indian Professor Over His Tweet Against India


The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is escalating, the UN General Assembly came up with a resolution to condemn Russia’s hostility. This is the third time that India abstained from voting in less than a week. The General Assembly was voting so as to reaffirm its commitment towards maintaining the territorial integrity of Ukraine and also meant to deplore “in the strongest terms” the Russian aggression against the country.

India abstains to vote at UNGA

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India’s decision to abstain from voting on Wednesday to reprimand the Russian invasion of Ukraine was condemned by the US lawmakers (the Democrats as well as the Republicans). 141 nations voted in favor of the resolution to stop Russia from invading Ukraine. Five nations were against it and 35 countries abstained to vote which included India.

In the UN Security Council resolution last Friday out of the 15 nations, 11 votes were in favor, and three countries, India, China, and UAE abstained to vote. The UNSC resolution did not work because Russia exercised its veto power as a permanent member.

A Twitter handle, “Barrister’s Horse” took to Twitter and tweeted a voting record that reveals the abstention of countries that includes India, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Alaister Stewart Tweet

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A GB news presenter Alastair Stewart responded to the presented voting record and said,

“Pretty predictable but India and Pakistan should hang their heads in shame and, henceforth, receive not a penny piece in aid from the UK”

Check out Alastair Stewart’s tweet:

Anand Ranganathan

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Anand Ranganathan, an Indian author, and Swarajya consulting editor took offense and backlashed at Alastair Stewart’s statement, he gave a befitting reply, “This butler probably doesn’t know that in 1947, Britain owed India 1.4 billion pounds, that it finally returned in 2001. The only thing you muppets are good at is showering yourselves with hollow titles, like OBE, where E stands for Empire. Where’s your empire now, schmuck? WDTT(sic)”.

Check out Anand Ranganathan’s Tweet,

Stewart’s tweet got criticized by other Twitter users as well: