Ben Stokes Replies To Harsha Bhogle’s Comments Criticising England


Deepti Sharma’s runout at non-striker’s end created an avalanche amid Cricket Fraternity and once again revived the never-ending debate of ‘Spirit of Cricket’ vs ‘Laws of Cricket’. The match was close, the series was on the line, and there couldn’t have been a crunchier moment to do or even imagine something like that. But it did happen.

Nevertheless, she was completely in her rights and did the right thing. Non-striker shouldn’t take the unnecessary advantage of being a couple of steps ahead when the ball is being delivered. However, as you’d expect, English Fans didn’t take the loss well and showed strong emotions on Social Media.
They started lecturing about the spirit of cricket and the same repetitive lectures that were delivered to Ravi Ashwin a few years ago. Perhaps, it’s one of their character traits to make sporting laws and then forget them altogether.

The ‘Voice of Cricket’ Harsha Bhogle wasn’t pleased with the reaction so he made a tweet thread, explaining how English Culture is such that they feel whatever they’re doing should be blindly followed by the rest of the world. He even took shots at their colonial past, saying they need to grow out of that mindset.

There had to be repercussions and the person who decided to come forward to defend England was their Test Captain, Ben Stokes. He called out Harsha for dragging culture in a Sport, and that how he was bashed by Indian Fans for a mistake that he didn’t commit in the 2019 World Cup Final.

Harsha in his reply said that Stokes wasn’t at fault during the 2019 World Cup and that he would love to have a chat with him if he has a moment.

Twitter users always go bonkers when there is an e-lafda going on and this was no different.
Indian Fans trolled Ben Stokes left, right and centre, with some even saying why’d a Kiwi want to defend the Brits?

Here are some of the quirky tweets you should see :-


No matter what English Fans say, there’s no denying the fact that England does have that tendency to declare lawful whatever they feel is right. Similarly, whatever doesn’t go their way is either unethical or against the spirit.
This has to change since Britain is neither the Superpower it was some 2 centuries ago, nor a Cricketing powerhouse or world leader in any particular sport.
BCCI holds more authority over the ICC than the ECB or Cricket Australia. About time we make some rules of our own? Or perhaps, introduce the gully Cricket ones. 😛