Bobby Deol ‘s jaw-dropping transformation for the movie ‘Animal’ didn’t come easy. Although, the actor, known for his dedication, made significant sacrifices to attain his beastly physique. From rigorous workout routines to a disciplined diet, Bobby pulled out all the stops to embody his character. This article provides insights on behind-the-scenes efforts, shedding light on the sweat, discipline, and personal commitments that fueled Bobby Deol’s remarkable journey from actor to beast. Let’s discover the sacrifices that paved the way for his awe-inspiring transformation on-screen in ‘Animal.’

Here is what Bobby Deol sacrificed to achieve beast transformation for movie Animal

Raising the Villain bar

Bobby Deol’s tough and sculpted appearance steals social media acclaim amidst the Animal trailer buzz, although all eyes are on Ranbir Kapoor. Bobby’s trainer, Prajwal Shetty, spills the beans on the intense workout plan directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. Sandeep envisioned Bobby, the villain, to sport a physique ‘broader than Ranbir.’ Prajwal, overseeing Bobby’s fitness since Race 3, revealed Bobby’s commitment to a strict four-month training routine, cutting out sweets. Prajwal, in an India Today interview, emphasized Bobby’s hard work behind achieving the impressive look tailored for the role.

Bobby, under trainer Prajwal since his 2017 Race 3 comeback, skipped sweets and sweated through four months of intense workouts for his current physique. Prajwal spilled the details in an India Today interview, highlighting Bobby’s dedication to sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine.


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Prajwal said, “The director had already told me that in this film, Bobby should look broader and bigger than Ranbir. Bobby’s physique needed to exhibit greater muscularity and size. We diligently adhered to these instructions. Our efforts were so intense that his body fat percentage reduced to 12. Considering his excellent body mass intake, his weight fluctuated between 85 to 90.”

Bobby Deol quitted sweets for four…

He mentioned that Sandeep Reddy Vanga was really happy with the results. He added, “The director was highly pleased with Bobby’s physical transformation. I recall during the filming of the last scene, he called me over. He showcased the scene on screen, and remarked, ‘You’ve done a remarkable job on his physique; this is precisely what I envisioned.’ The praises Bobby sir is receiving have brought immense joy.” Despite Bobby being a fan of sweets, he gave them up for four months during training. “While he adores sweets, he even abstained from them for four months,” he added.

Bobby Deol takes on the role of the antagonist in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal alongside Ranbir Kapoor, hitting theaters on December 1.

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