Conman Sukesh Slams his ladylove Jacqueline after she accused him of trapping her

Conman Sukesh Slams his ladylove Jacqueline after she accused him of trapping her

Conman Sukesh has retaliated against Jacqueline Fernandez‘s accusations, vowing to unveil previously undisclosed evidence. The unfolding drama takes a new turn as Sukesh responds to the charges brought by the Bollywood actress. Amidst legal proceedings, the conman asserts his intention to present compelling proof in his defence. The narrative gains momentum, promising a revelation of unseen evidence that could reshape the ongoing controversy. Have a look into the details as Sukesh counters Jacqueline’s claims, setting the stage for a compelling and intricate legal showdown.

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Sukesh purportedly exposed Jacqueline

Sukesh Chandrashekhar, the accused conman, has purportedly issued a threat to disclose “unseen” evidence against Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez. In response to Jacqueline’s plea to a Delhi court for immediate restrictions on his communication about her, Sukesh, without mentioning her name directly, stated in a recent letter that he intends to unveil chats, screenshots, and recordings to substantiate his assertions. This intensifies the legal battle, with Sukesh hinting at revealing undisclosed material that could impact the ongoing case.

Sukesh Jacqueline

Sukesh asserted that he financed the boost of the individual’s social media account to rival and outpace a highly prominent colleague, as per the report.

The world needs to know Jacqueline!!

Sukesh, the primary accused in a ₹200-crore money laundering case, stated in the letter, “The world needs to know the truth, the reality.” On Wednesday, Jacqueline approached Delhi’s Patiala House Court, requesting orders to the superintendent of Mandoli prison and Delhi Police’s economic offences wing (EOW) to prevent Chandrasekhar from disseminating additional letters, statements, or messages about her.

Sukesh Jacqueline

Referring to Chandrasekhar’s October 15 letter, the petition noted it contained “laced with unsolicited and disturbing content,” extensively covered by the media. Jacqueline’s plea argued that Chandrashekhar’s persistent efforts to contact her amounted to clear witness tampering. The intent, stated in the petition, is to mentally intimidate her, compelling her to withhold the truth during the criminal trial. The petition stated, “This relentless pursuit by Chandrashekhar, aimed at establishing contact with the applicant (Jacqueline), is nothing short of a blatant attempt at witness tampering, with the clear intention of mentally intimidating her to the extent that she is compelled to withhold the truth in the criminal trial.”


The plea also stated, “These letters, intentionally circulated and published widely in the print media, have caused significant financial losses to the applicant. This campaign is not only harassment and intimidation but is a direct violation of her rights as a prosecution witness.”

EOW responded to Jacq’s plea

Backing Jacqueline’s plea, the EOW noted that Sukesh Chandrashekhar has a habit of sending letters regarding the actress to media platforms through various means. This not only directly harasses and threatens her but also impacts her social and professional assignments. “It has been observed that the accused Sukesh Chandershekhar has also been in the habit of sending letters, concerning the present applicant, to media platforms, through various means, which is not only harassing/ threatening the present applicant directly but also affecting her social/ professional assignments,” stated EOW in response to Jacqueline’s plea.


Jacqueline is a safeguarded witness in the EOW’s investigation into the ₹200-crore money laundering and extortion case connected to alleged Chandrashekhar.

As the legal battle escalates, Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s vow to reveal “unseen” evidence adds a layer of suspense. The unfolding drama promises a deeper insight into the controversy surrounding Jacqueline Fernandez. Stay tuned for the revelation that could reshape perspectives and influence the ongoing legal proceedings. The clash between accusations and counterclaims intensifies, offering audiences a front-row seat to a legal showdown with unexpected twists and turns.

Delhi high court took the Action

The Delhi High Court has sent a notice to the Enforcement Directorate following a petition from Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez, aiming to dismiss a money laundering case related to conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

Sukesh Jacqueline

In the plea, Jacqueline challenges the ED’s complaint and the supplementary chargesheet under Sections 3 and 4 of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. The petition argues that Jacqueline neither engaged in money laundering nor possessed proceeds of crime, asserting that the complaint does not accuse her of actively aiding or abetting Sukesh Chandrashekhar in the alleged offenses.

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