Cricketing World Goes Berserk As Zimbabwe Beats Pakistan In a Thriller

Pak Bean

Over the last few years, Zimbabwe has been playing Pakistan a bit too frequently. As a reason, fans usually mock Pakistan for bashing the minnows and stamping their authority over them. Let me tell you what, Zimbabwe isn’t a minnow by any means. They’re serious underdogs and punch above their weight when they’re up against their new arch-rivals.

Their rivalry took a new turn recently when one of the Zimbabwe fans expressed how he was cheated by Pakistan with a fake Mr. Bean called ‘Pak Bean’ for their show. He wanted revenge and boy his team has delivered! Zimbabwe beat Pakistan by 1-run in an extraordinary display of skill and patience today. Twitter was flooded with Memes and we’ve picked some of the best ones for you.


This victory means so much to Zimbabwe Cricket and their fans. They lack resources and at times, don’t even have sufficient budget to provide kits to their players. All the potential goes begging. ICC should provide associate and so-called minnow teams more assistance, it’ll only do good for the game. Hope the ‘World Cup of Upsets’ has more thrillers in store for us. Until next time, adieu!