Does Nita Ambani phone really costs Rs 400 Crores?

Does Nita Ambani phone really costs Rs 400 Crores?

Mukesh Ambani, the billionaire and his wife Nita Ambani live an incredibly lavish life. Making them one of the richest couples globally. Besides residing in India’s priciest house. There are rumours that Nita Ambani phone is the most expensive iPhone in the world.

Every time Apple unveils a new iPhone model each year, I automatically consider it the priciest phone. Even though I never actually check which one holds that title.

My immediate thoughts about the potential buyer of the world’s most expensive phone, especially among Indians, would undoubtedly point to the Ambani family, if I had to take a wild guess.

Mukesh Ambani and his family stand among the wealthiest families in Asia. They’re famous for their extravagant and incredibly luxurious way of life. Living in a high-tech home in Mumbai. Having a collection of the priciest cars and donning designer fashion.

So when news surfaced about Nita Ambani having the world’s priciest phone, folks quickly bought into it. Many reports suggested that she had a gold-plated iPhone with a diamond embedded in the back.

Various news sources state that Nita Ambani phone is an incredibly luxurious and costly phone. Hence making it the priciest Apple iPhone globally. Nita Ambani’s phone is rumored to have a gold-plated exterior and is said to feature a diamond.


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Several past news reports have said that Nita Ambani owns a Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond. These reports indicate that the phone carries a value of USD 48.5 million, which translates to more than Rs 403 crore in Indian currency.

About the most expensive Nita Ambani phone 

The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond holds the title for the priciest iPhone ever crafted. Falcon Supernova crafted this luxurious item by coating a standard iPhone 6 with 24-karat gold and applying a thick layer of platinum, contributing to its hefty price tag.

On top of that, the golden iPhone boasts a huge pink diamond on its back, elevating its total worth to Rs 403 crore. However, the reality about whether Nita Ambani actually owns this incredibly expensive gadget has now been revealed.

Reliance sources clarified to India Today some years back that Nita Ambani doesn’t use the world’s priciest mobile phone – the Falcon Supernova iPhone Pink Diamond, putting an end to all the rumours.

Though it’s not confirmed which phone Nita Ambani uses, there’s an anticipation that she opts for the latest iPhone model. Additionally, Nita Ambani possesses the world’s costliest saree, valued at Rs 40 lakh.

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