Dog goes viral for recreating Bobby’s Jamal Kudu song with Glass on his Head

Dog goes viral for recreating Bobby's Jamal Kudu song with Glass on his Head

Get ready to smile as a furry friend steals the spotlight! This adorable dog has become an internet sensation by hilariously recreating Bobby’s “Jamal Kudu” song with a glass on its head. The viral video is spreading joy and laughter, proving that our four-legged pals can be entertainers too. Join us for a delightful journey into the heartwarming world of this talented canine, spreading happiness one funny rendition at a time!

Jamal kudu

All about Viral Dog’s Jamal Kudu Video

Get ready for a trending video capturing the internet’s attention. This amusing clip features a clever stray dog joining the festivities. The background score, Jamal Kudu, sets the tone as our furry companion confidently walks, skillfully balancing a glass of water on its head. Yes, you read it correctly – a dog effortlessly moving to the rhythm with a glass atop its head.

@everythingaboutnepal posted this viral video on Instagram Reels, amassing an incredible 54 million views and 3.2 million likes. Netizens, thoroughly entertained, inundate the comments section with humorous quips. One user playfully attributes it to the “side effects of Animal on animals,” while another ingeniously dubs our four-legged dancer as “Doggy Deol.”

Another commenter, the third in line, remarked, “Animal in real life.” The fourth humorously contributed, “Animal After watching Animal.” A fifth user confidently crowns our canine performer as the “Trend Winner” This video reaffirms the internet’s ability to deliver unforeseen joys, eliciting laughter and fostering a sense of community, akin to our furry friend joining the dance celebration.

Bobby Deol Says Jamal Kudu was his idea??

While Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film, “Animal,” has sparked mixed reactions, its music has garnered widespread acclaim. Critics are particularly praising Bobby Deol’s performance in the movie, highlighting his entry scene where he dances to the Iranian song ‘Jamal Kudu,’ which has become the talk of the town.

Jamal Kudu

In an interview, Bobby disclosed that the viral dance was his own idea, as he wanted to avoid copying someone else’s steps. “Then I suddenly remembered the time when I was small and we used to go to Punjab. I remembered how we used to get drunk and keep glasses on our head. I never understood why we did it. It suddenly came in my mind and I did that. Sandeep liked it,” he added.

Bobby reacted to Dog’s video

Addressing the fans’ response to the viral dance, Bobby Deol shared with Bollywood Spy, “It is crazy, people are keeping a glass on their dog’s head and dancing. Somebody had worn an exact same suit like mine. It’s just overwhelming to see all of that.”

Jamal Kudu

In a world full of surprises, this adorable dog reminds us that, indeed, our pet companions have a special knack for spreading smiles and turning ordinary days into extraordinary ones.

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