Bengaluru Man Slams Tata Motors for delivering defective Nexon car, Company reacts

Bengaluru Man Slams Tata Motors for delivering defective Nexon car, Company reacts

A Bengaluru resident’s frustration reached its peak when he received a defective Tata Nexon car. Slamming Tata Motors for the apparent lapse in quality, the disgruntled customer’s outcry caught the company’s attention. In a swift reaction, Tata Motors responded to address the concerns, shedding light on the challenges faced by the automotive giant. Join us as we unravel the tale of a dissatisfied customer, a flawed vehicle, and the ensuing exchange between consumer and corporation in the automotive realm. But first-

Features of TATA Nexon

The Tata Nexon Facelift Automatic Petrol Fearless Plus variant boasts a range of features that elevate both convenience and style. Some notable features of the Tata Nexon Facelift Automatic Petrol Fearless Plus include an automatic transmission, a petrol engine, striking exterior styling, alloy wheels, projector headlamps, LED daytime running lights (DRLs), a touchscreen infotainment system, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, multi-drive modes, a reverse parking camera, and various others.

Bengaluru Man Slams Tata Motors for delivering defective Nexon car, Company reacts

Story Behind TATA Motors walk of Shame

Facing a frustrating situation, a resident of Bengaluru found himself dealing with a defective Tata Nexon car valued at Rs 18.5 lakhs, purchased from a Tata Motors showroom. This incident has attracted considerable attention, prompting Tata Motors to respond as they work towards addressing the customer’s concerns.

Sharath Kumar, the customer, had high expectations when he bought the Nexon Facelift Automatic Petrol Fearless Plus, only to encounter various issues upon taking delivery. The problems ranged from mechanical issues to cosmetic defects, encompassing water-filled headlights, scratches on the front bumper, quarter panel frame, and tailgate frame, in addition to subpar welding and improperly fitted door rubber beading.


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Facing these challenges, Kumar promptly reached out to the dealer ‘Prerana Motors’ upon discovering multiple issues with his new car during the inspection at the dealership. Despite completing the vehicle registration in his name, Kumar labeled Prerana Motors as the “worst dealer of TATA Motors.”

Voicing his dissatisfaction with how his concerns were addressed, Kumar expressed profound disappointment with the handling of the situation by both Prerana Motors and Tata Motors. Despite articulating his grievances, he emphasized that neither the company nor the dealership demonstrated sufficient interest in providing a replacement or a refund.

Instead, they suggested a resolution, proposing that he accept the repaired vehicle along with an extended two-year warranty. Unwilling to settle for this option, Kumar utilized Instagram to communicate his concerns and share his grievances. He said,

“All they want is me to accept their vehicle after it’s repaired with a 2 year extended warranty. Prerana or Tata have no sympathy or guts to accept their mistake, they only keep trying to convince me that it’s a good vehicle to drive. Please help me in sharing this so that others don’t make payment for a vehicle without PDI or QC.”

TATA Motors with instant resolution

Kumar’s video gained substantial traction, amassing over 6.5 million likes on Instagram. Responding to the viral video, the official handle of Tata Nexon issued an apology and requested Kumar’s contact details for additional assistance. Tata Motors wrote on X, “Hi Sharath, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please share your primary & alternate contact number via DM, so we can have the relevant team assist you soon.”

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the entire incident, Kumar informed them that he would escalate the matter to court.

How others reacted to this incident

One individual shared, “I also own a Tata car, and when we were in the process of buying it, we researched for a reputable showroom. Consequently, we made the purchase from Goldrush Tata Lucknow. Goldrush’s service is top-notch, and they prioritize customer satisfaction. They called me for pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and installed all accessories and the music system display right in front of me.”

Another comment read, “This underscores the importance of a pre-delivery checkup.”

A third commenter stated, “I had a similar experience with our Tata vehicle in Gurgaon! They provided us with the old model only, and the software was not updated!”

“Take the matter to the consumer court. Don’t give up,” advised a fourth.

A fifth individual added, “That’s why a pre-delivery inspection is crucial before loan disbursement and down payment; you should have rejected the car during the PDI itself.”

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