FRIENDS Mini-Reunion Details And All The Emmy Awards Won By Friends


FRIENDS Fans were the most delighted on the occasion of The 72nd edition of the Emmy Awards. No one expected to see half the cast of Friends come together and play a small part as an extension of the series. Though just a role play but we loved to believe that all the three ladies from Friends(Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow) are staying together since 1994. Yes, they admitted it themselves that Courteney and Lisa are staying with Jennifer probably after the show ended in 1994. Even Jimmy Kimmel was surprised to know the same. But anyway, you ought to watch the video if you don’t believe my words:

While the three FRIENDS are off for dinner let’s discuss some more proceedings from the show. You will be proud to know that Jennifer was nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role in The Morning Show. But unfortunately, she lost it to fellow star Zendaya. But wait, Jennifer has received Emmy Awards already for her part in Friends as Rachel Green. We will discuss that soon, so keep reading.

More important is to know that Jennifer had some really tough tasks to do at the Emmy Awards recently as she was the one who helped Jimmy Kimmel host the opening of the ceremony. But soon after she realized that the Emmy Awards were to be received at home, she had to rush back to her home hoping to receive one for herself. And that’s not all, she also saved everyone from a disaster!

Yes, Jennifer Aniston saved the show from getting eaten up by a fire. She bravely used a fire extinguisher to stop the unexpected fire that started while they were live on the show. She was fast to react and very fierce at her actions, while Jimmy was the one who is to be blamed for the fire. Watch the video here to see how Jennifer Aniston bravely saved the day:

Ok, now coming back to our subject i.e. How Many Emmy Awards Has Friends won to date. We will make a list of the same but how many do you guess? If it was up to you how many Emmy Awards would you give the show?

I guess I would have emptied all the trophies to Friends. None other than Friends would have rocked the night and would have taken every single trophy available if I was on the chair to decide. But unfortunately, that’s never going to happen so let’s get back to reality.

2 Creative Arts Emmy Awards Won By Friends

At the “Creative Arts Emmy awards” Friends has won twice while it was nominated 34 times. Out of the two wins, one was bagged by Bruce Willis for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for the episode “The One with the Ring” in the year 2000. Another Emmy was bagged in the year 2003 by Christina Applegate for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for the episode “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister”.

4 Primetime Emmy Awards Won By Friends

Now, let’s talk about the Primetime Emmy awards where FRIENDS has won 4 awards while it was nominated 28 times. The list of winners include Michael Lembeck who won an award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for the episode “The One After the Superbowl Part 1 & 2” and this happened in the year 1996. Then we have Lisa Kudrow who received an award in the year 1998 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the episode (“The One with Ross’s Wedding Part 1 & 2”)

jennifer aniston when she won emmy in the year 2002
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In 2002, FRIENDS received an award for “Outstanding Comedy Series” and the fourth Emmy Award received in the same year was by Jennifer Aniston who received it for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for the episode “The One Where Rachel Has a Baby Part 1 & 2”.

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