Guy ordered cheap iPhone but received an iPhone shaped coffee Table instead

Guy ordered cheap iPhone but received an iPhone shaped coffee Table instead

In a comical twist of online shopping, a guy’s attempt to snag a cheap iPhone ended with an unexpected surprise – he received an iPhone-shaped coffee table instead. The amusing mix-up has taken social media by storm, eliciting laughter and sympathy from netizens who can relate to the unpredictable world of e-commerce. Join us as we explore the hilarious anecdote, shedding light on the lighter side of online purchases and the unexpected turns that await unsuspecting buyers in the quest for a good deal.


iPhone Catastrophe 

Thrilled to snag a seemingly cheap iPhone online, a Thai teenager’s joy turned to disappointment upon receiving a surprise. The eagerly anticipated gadget turned out to be an iPhone-shaped coffee table. The mix-up resulted from the buyer’s confusion, mistaking the furniture piece for the tech device. Excited by the prospect of a luxury phone at a bargain, the teen’s expectations were shattered upon delivery, signaling a humorous yet cautionary tale about online shopping mishaps.

Opening the parcel, the teenager, expecting an iPhone, was met with a surprise as the package, matching his height, revealed a coffee table instead. Regrettably, he overlooked the product details before making the purchase, as reported by Oriental Daily Malaysia. The mix-up served as a lesson about the importance of thoroughly reviewing product information when placing orders online.

Cheap phones Scam

Later, the teenager shared his mishap on social media, posting images of the blunder. Reportedly, he expressed finding it peculiar that the phone was inexpensively priced, yet the shipping fees exceeded the norm. Despite the oddities, the allure of the deal proved too tempting for him.

iPhone table

Instances of individuals receiving counterfeit iPhones have recurred. However, in none of these cases were there reports of missing product details prior to purchase. In a recent incident, a Guwahati man acquired a ‘fake’ iPhone from Flipkart, having paid Rs 1,24,900. Upon discovering the device’s unusually low charging rate, he sought verification at a nearby store, confirming the received phone’s counterfeit nature.

As we chuckle at the unexpected twists of online shopping, this comical tale serves as a friendly reminder to double-check before hitting that “purchase” button. The world of e-commerce is full of surprises, and while we may not always end up with the expected gadget, the shared laughter makes the journey worthwhile. So, next time you’re on the hunt for a bargain, take a moment to ensure it’s not an iPhone-shaped coffee table in disguise. Happy shopping, and may your online escapades be filled with more giggles than surprises!

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