Student’s Naughty answer on Ind-Pak border Question makes internet crazy

Student's Naughty answer on Ind-Pak border Question makes internet crazy

A student’s response to a question about the India-Pakistan border on an examination sheet has taken the internet by storm. With wit and creativity, the answer has gone viral, sparking widespread attention and amusement. In this article, we delve into the details of this unexpected viral sensation, exploring the cleverness behind the student’s response and the internet’s enthusiastic reaction to this humorous take on a serious topic. Join us as we uncover the story behind the laughter-inducing examination sheet moment.

Student’s answer Seema Haider

Students frequently capture public attention with their unconventional exam responses, showcasing both cleverness and uniqueness. Recently, a circulated answer sheet on social media has astonished the internet. In response to a question about the India-Pakistan border, the student humorously identified ‘Seema’ (border) as Seema Haider, humorously citing her height, 5 feet 6 inches, as the distance between the two nations.

Who is Seema Haider?

Seema Ghulam Haider, aka Seema Haider, rose to fame by flouting international law to reunite with her partner in India. A married mother of three sons and a daughter, Seema forged a connection with Sachin Meena from Greater Noida, India, via the online game PUBG in 2019. Their bond deepened, leading Seema, a Pakistani native, to relocate to India with her four children. In May and June, Seema’s internet videos garnered widespread attention and substantial media coverage, captivating audiences eager to look into her compelling narrative.

Student seema haider

Student’s answer to India-Pakistan border

This time, the spotlight is on a 12th-grade exam paper, shifting away from the couple’s love story. The rapid viral spread stems from a student’s intriguing remark on the exam paper. In a political science test addressing the length of the India-Pakistan border, the teacher was taken aback by one student’s unexpected response to the question.

The social media user ‘NarundarM’ shared the post on the platform X (formerly Twitter). The caption posed the question, “Question – Bharat aur Pakistan ke bich kaun si seema hai, lambai batao? (Identify the border between India and Pakistan, and state its length).” The response humorously stated, “Answer – Seema Haider hai, uski lambai 5 ft 6 inch hai, dono desho ke bich isko lekar ladai hai (Seema Haider, with a height of 5 feet 6 inches, is the disputed boundary, sparking conflicts between the two nations).”

On the answer sheet, the student observed that Seema Haider, measuring five feet six inches, serves as the demarcation between Pakistan and India.

Users Hilarious response to Answer

A user remarked, “It’s probably a joke. The invigilator didn’t sign it.” Another user humorously added, “A student of WhatsApp University.” A third person suggested, “He deserves an extra mark for such an innovative answer.” Supporting this, a fourth netizen exclaimed, “Long live WhatsApp University!” Another user predicted, “He’ll become a master in political science.” Expressing concern, someone noted, “This might sound amusing, but it’s indicative of the current state of the education system due to continuous propaganda.”

In conclusion, the unexpected humor sparked by the student’s response not only provided a moment of laughter but also highlighted the diverse ways individuals engage with serious topics. As we navigate through the laughter-inducing journey of exam papers and viral sensations, it prompts reflection on the intersection of education and creativity. Share your thoughts on this unique blend of wit and academics – a testament to the unpredictable twists that can emerge in the world of learning and the internet.

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