IRCTC gives fitting reply to a Man complaints of vulgar ads shown on the railway app

IRCTC gives fitting reply to a Man complaints of vulgar ads on the railway app

When a man took to Twitter to troll the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) for allegedly displaying vulgar ads on their app, little did he expect the railway service’s savage response. The witty comeback from IRCTC not only shut down the troll but also left Twitter users in stitches. This amusing exchange highlights how even government entities are not holding back in the art of online banter.


Man trolls Railways online Ticket website

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) responded humorously today to a Twitter user complaining about seeing inappropriate ads on their official app. The user, who tagged the Minister of Railways of India, Piyush Goyal, shared screenshots of the alleged ads, prompting a witty comeback from the railway service. This entertaining interaction showcases how even official entities engage in lighthearted banter on social media.


Anand Kumar, a user of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation app, took to Twitter to address the official Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation account, tagging Railway Minister Piyush Goyal. In his tweet, he reported the presence of inappropriate advertisements on the IRCTC app and included screenshots of the objectionable content displayed on his mobile screen.

Obscene and vulgar ads are very frequently appearing on the IRCTC ticket booking app. This is very embarrassing and irritating @RailMinIndia @IRCTCofficial @PiyushGoyalOffc kindly look into.

— Anand Kumar (@anandk2012) May 29, 2019

The official customer support account of IRCTC, known as Indian Railways Seva, recommended Kumar to begin by clearing his browsing history.

IRCTC savage Response

He likely didn’t anticipate it, but the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation handle responded, explaining its use of Google’s ad serving tool. According to the tweet, these ads employ cookies to tailor content based on a user’s history and browsing habits. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation handle went on to advise him to proactively eliminate all browser cookies and history as a preventive measure against such advertisements. It wrote,

“Irctc uses Googles ad serving tool ADX for serving ads. These ads uses cookies to target the user. Based on user history and browsing  behaviour ads are shown. Pl clean and delete all browser cookies and history to avoid such ads.”

It triggered a series of tweets where users mocked the man and labeled IRCTC’s response as “savage.” Here are some reactions to the tweet.

In a delightful twist, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s witty response not only addressed the user’s complaint but also sparked a wave of online amusement. As Twitterati joined the banter, labeling the exchange “savage,” it showcased a refreshing blend of humor from an unexpected source—the official railway service. The incident serves as a reminder that not always government entities are wrong. In a world often dominated by serious tones, this lighthearted exchange brought a smile to the faces of netizens, proving that a touch of humor transcends boundaries.

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