23 Brutally Honest Resignation Letters Where People Poured Their Hearts Out


Have you ever been frustrated at your workplace and secretly wished to share everything that was on your mind? We bet you did!

Here we bring to you some brutally honest resignation letters where people have poured their hearts out. The letters are funny, creative, and honest.

So, let’s have a look at some of these masterpieces:

1. Bang on!

2. They are basically soulmates.

3. Give it a good read.

4. Perfect resignation of a MEME writer.

5. Honest indeed.

6. Goodbye Boss.

7. One happy moment.

8. Welcome Back.

9. Enough is enough.

10. When a MEME writer resigns.

11. Simply honest.

12. You are the boss.

13. It is better to keep it short.

14. Memefied.

15. We are a family.

16. Well, that’s creative.

17. Thanks!

18. The resignation cake.

19. So chill!

20. Savage.

21. The mockery.

22. Thrilled to see this.

23. As blank as the paycheck