Here’s why Identical twin sisters always wanted to have babies from same boyfriend

Identical twin sisters always wanted to get pregnant from same boyfriend

In a quirky twist to the concept of sibling bonding, the renowned ‘world’s most identical twins‘ have set tongues wagging with their unconventional life plan—they aspire to share not just their striking resemblance but also the experience of motherhood with the same man. The identical duo’s unique desire has sparked curiosity and raised eyebrows. Join us in this fascinating exploration of the twins’ extraordinary journey, where genetics, relationships, and the pursuit of parenthood take center stage in an extraordinary tale of shared dreams.

Identical Twins Bond of Anna and Lucy

Anna and Lucy DeCinque maintain an exceptionally close relationship, so much so that the identical twin sisters share a boyfriend. Adding to their unconventional lifestyle, the Australian women, who proudly hold the title of ‘world’s most identical twins,’ openly express their desire to simultaneously bear his children. Indifferent to public opinion, they boldly showcase their unique bond and lifestyle, going as far as starring in the TV show “Extreme Sisters” on the American network TLC since 2017. Throughout the series, they have openly discussed their aspiration to become pregnant simultaneously.

At the age of 38, Lucy and Anna maintain an identical lifestyle: dressing alike, consuming identical meals, participating in the same workouts, and undergoing matching plastic surgeries. They actively strive to keep not only their bodies but also their lives as similar as possible.

On a Talk show they shared, “We do everything together. We’re never more than a few meters apart, we work [together]. We share everything,”

Anna stated, “When she goes to the toilet, I come with her; when she has a shower, I come with her.”

She added, “You name it and we do it. We’re never apart. I don’t think we’d function without each other. We have separation anxiety. We’re bound to each other.”

He Comes over to kiss Lucy

However, the most unexpected facet of their relationship is the fact that they have a shared boyfriend.

Their romantic involvement with Ben Byrne, who happens to be a fraternal twin, isn’t recent; they have been in a relationship with him for over a decade.

Anna stated to New York Post, “It was great from the start. We just hit it off straight away. It’s so much easier for us to share a boyfriend.”

She added, “I don’t mind that he comes over to kiss Lucy, because then he’s going to kiss me.”

We’re Always Together

Sharing a boyfriend is much simpler for them than maintaining separate relationships with two different partners.

In a 2015 interview with a Caribbean news website, they revealed, “We’ve had separate boyfriends in the past, and it hasn’t worked, but now it’s much easier and it’s great. We’re with each other 24/7, me and my sister; it’s just easier to share a boyfriend because we’re always together.”

Despite being engaged to Ben since 2021, marriage remains elusive due to Australian laws prohibiting polygamy. Ben highlighted this challenge during an episode of “Extreme Sisters,” stating, “What’s holding us back is that you can’t marry two people.” The twins added, “Which is totally unfair.”

While their unconventional relationship suits them, they acknowledge that not everyone will be as open-minded about it.

UPDATE!! The twins had Babies

@annalucydecinque recently revealed two new members to their trio. Not only do they share a man, but they also experienced simultaneous pregnancies, garnering attention and continuously captivating the internet with their unconventional situation.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, once crowned the ‘world’s most identical twins’ online, have expressed a desire for surgery to enhance their resemblance further. Witness their views in the video shared below.

The TLC celebrities gained widespread recognition by openly discussing the personal aspects of their relationship. In the video, they express their intention to explore IVF (In vitro fertilisation) in the hope that this medical procedure will lead to simultaneous pregnancies from their boyfriend, Mr. Byrne.

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